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Sterelite Tub heating.

Hi there I have a 19gal Sterelite tub I have been using to house my young White Tiger Retic male. I have been using a heat lamp a safe distance as to not melt the tub and still provide heat. However I'm upgrading for my quickly growing slithering friend to a 4'x2'x15" Reptile Basics pvc cage. I have a Vivarium thermostat and Reptile Basics 80watt radiant heat panel. 2 new hides and new waterbowl. So he is gonna be a happy camper and I feel I'll have a better control over temps for him.

With all that said this new cage should last a year at the minimum, but I have considered adding another snake. The tub I have setup, I'm curious being a 19gal sterelite tub, think it would be possible to mount a 28watt radiant heat pannel to the top using 1/4 wood as a place to mount the radiant heat panel to the lid without touching the lid and melting it?
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Re: Sterelite Tub heating.

Unless you're feeding conservatively, or he's a very high percentage or pure SD, a 4'x2' will not last you a year. 6' is pretty average size for mainland yearlings, and some get even larger. I would go ahead and get started on having a 6' cage built, and make sure you have a spot set away for a 10'-12'+ cage within the next 3-4 years.

For the tub set up, the heat panel should not get hot enough to melt the plastic at all. Put it on a thermostat, and the thermostat should turn it off if it does happen to malfunction and heat that hot, but at normal operation it shouldn't ever get that hot. You will want the wood bracers, and make sure to set it up in a way that doesn't compromise the lid's security, or modify the tub so it's secure.
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Re: Sterelite Tub heating.

Pure mainland lol so yes upgrading again will have to happen. Not a problem though. Been feeding him every 7 days. He was feeding on weaned rats. But needs to move up to smalls. I'm feeding every 3-4 days now because the meal doesnt leave as bug of a lump as before so need to finish off this bag of weaned rats. Will see where he is at after that.

That's great to know the RHP should work with the tub. I figure a top of lid and inside I can make a solid mount for the RHP to mount and be safe with. Hell even PVC sheets would work
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