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Repti-Bark Dust unsafe?

Anyone notice that Repti-Bark has a lot of really fine dust? I have an MBK hatchling and I've been keeping her on the repti-bark because I love the way it looks. I noticed she had very fine brown dust all over her, around her eyes and mouth. between her head scales, ect. I figured this was unsafe especially for her respiratory system.

I have her on Aspen for now, but i have two large bags of Repti-Bark I don't want to go to waste. is there a way to remove the fine dust?
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Re: Repti-Bark Dust unsafe?

I spray some water every morning in every enclosure, snakes which donít need high humidity get only a little misting, just enough to moisten the surface of the repti bark. Thatís enough to avoid any dust, the repti bark absorbs some of the water and gets a little darker, not longer the reddish brown it has when it comes out of the bag.
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Re: Repti-Bark Dust unsafe?

I just grab a handful at a time out of the bag and give it a shake to get the dust off. It takes longer than dumping straight from the bag, but solves the dust problem.

Kings don't require high humidity, so daily misting wouldn't be the best idea for that particular species.
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Re: Repti-Bark Dust unsafe?

Aspen is as bad, if not worse IMO. Rinse your Repti Bark the next time, in a colander or sieve, agitating it under running water for a few secs and you’ll lose that dust. Or, switch to Forest Floor.
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