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Ball Python enclosure

Hi everyone

I am considering buying a Ball Python. I have done my research and have talked about the general care with a breeder at a convention.
I have however neglected to ask a very important question: housing.

Per information: when and if I will purchase my ball python I will be looking for a male that is about 3-6 months old and since I am a first time owner I would go for one that is feeding well and that has shedded their skin at least once without issue.

As to the question at hand... I have done my research and have come to the conclusion that a terrarium for a Ball Python should approximately be 80x40x40 (width x height x depth). I was wondering if you could place the small snake in this big environment or if it will stress them out. Should I provide I smaller tank untill they have grown a bit? Let's say 600g-800g? Or could I just divide the big tank so it becomes a bit smaller?

Lots of thanks in advance!
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Re: Ball Python enclosure

You can jump to the larger enclosure. You'd just have to fill it with lots of snug places to hide for the snake. People like to use hides that are fairly large for the specific snake but they prefer to be snug. They like the feel of something against all sides of their body while hiding.

Pro tip: Get hides that either have no bottom or have a removable side/lid. Snakes will likely end up in a hide that is all enclosed and you have no access to. You want to be able to get at or see the snake if need be.
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Re: Ball Python enclosure

I have always placed my snakes in their larger enclosures with no issues at all. As Aaron stated, just give him/her plenty of hides to choose from and it will be fine. The only downside I had, was that on the occasions when the little snakes decided to burrow down into the substrate, it was a bit of a hide-and-seek game when looking for them
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Re: Ball Python enclosure

You should be fine going straight into that enclosure. Like the others said, just make sure you've got several proper hides and plenty of clutter. Avoid half log hides and "hides" like skulls, and other decorative stuff (too many horror stories of snakes getting wedged in and stuck) and opt for single entry cave style hides or basic box style hides like those made by Reptile Basics. Many people advocate for identical hides as well, so that the snake won't sacrifice proper temps in favor of security.

If you do run into feeding issues, it may help to downsize the enclosure temporarily until your snake is eating regularly. But it certainly won't hurt to try the larger enclosure.
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