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MrDreamWeaver 05-11-18 12:04 AM

Leopard Gecko viv in progress
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Hello everyone, i'm new here so go easy on me.
Long story short my lady was trying to sell her Leopard Gecko, and I took the little guy instead. He's a potentially rare morph, and cool as hell.

I'm upgrading him from his tiny 2.5 gallon to a 10 I had laying around from my axolotls...
So my plan is to do a mixture of play sand, and some eco earth. (What ratios would you use?) and i also got one of cavern kits to make my own hides for a fun project with the Ms, and to save money.

This is Casper. Not sure what morph he is.
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Here's the hide we made. I'm going to make another one out of mini clay bricks I made. Should I make any motivations? What would you do differently?
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MrDreamWeaver 05-13-18 08:46 PM

Finished vivarium
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Well, this is what i ended up with. Let me know what you think! It's my first one so if there's anything i can do better let me know.
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DJC Reptiles 05-16-18 06:08 AM

Re: Leopard Gecko viv in progress
I have used excavator clay with my leopard geckos in the past, and they love it. The only thing I would do differently is making bigger cavern inside the cave. The balloon tool is used to do this. I found that itís easier for the geckos to move around and turn around if they have more space. Your gecko is probably a raptor morph, and their eyes are sensitive to light, but other than that they are pretty normal. The white coloration leads me to believe it is also leucistic. Very cool Gecko you picked up there!

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