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Affordable sources for taller, sturdy, artifical plants?

Have upgraded my kingsnake to a larger enclosure & would like to add some larger plants for him to climb on & hide in. Nothing in the pet store seems to have much height or strength. Would like things approx. 14-22" tall which can support his weight. My guy isn't that big yet, but he'd still collapse most of the stuff they've got. (Same problem exists with the plants transferred over from his old tank.) Looked in Michael's & they've got a variety of possibilities but the prices were surprising & nearly all are just pieces of greenery so I'd need a way to put it together and secure it. Maybe I'm just not creative enough. (Or maybe I'm too lazy.)

Also, how do you secure your plants? Seems every other morning or so it looks like a bulldozer has been cruising through my boy's enclosure. Could I just use silicone, like the kind I used to seal the seams of the new cage? It could also be secured to the walls or ceiling with plastic brackets or clamps or... I don't know the right terms.

Will also note something a little funny. While at Michaels I found some interlocking mats of fake grass that's a few inches tall. Bought a couple to see if my guy likes it. At the cash register the cashier said she'd never seen those before. I thought to myself, I'm not going to tell her it's for a snake. She'll be grossed out. Then she said, "My snake would have loved this stuff!" I started laughing & told her it's for my snake & then had to convince her I was being serious. She'd had a ball python for years that she'd really loved & missed. So we two girls stood there for a few minutes chatting about our snakes since no one else was in line. And it turns out my snake loves the stuff. So quite often I've got an actual snake in the grass in my own living room.
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Re: Affordable sources for taller, sturdy, artifical plants?

I will have to check out the grass. Remember, there is always a 40% off coupon for Michael's and hobby lobby. Someone gave me a tip to check good will for fake plants.
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