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Building or buying a heated box for moth emerging from pupae

Hello, everybody, this is my first post I know... I am not supposed to be on this forum...
I have to buy or to build myself something that should be similar to what you use for snakes. I tried to find information on forums and groups of people who breed insects but it seems much less common for them to build this sort of things. Those who buy or build them often are people interested in reptiles and turtles, etc.

The conditions of temperature should be 26-28 C degrees and 80% or 90% humidity. Conditions may also vary based on the species

I would like to start from this:

As an incubator I use a metal cupboard, with a large hole covered with clear perspex, at one end. Fitted with a couple of thermostatically controlled soil heating cables and covered outside with 50mm thick polystyrene, it stays on all year round, set at 26 degrees C. The cupboard holds 2 cages, one 18" wide by 14" deep by 24" high (457 x 355 x 610mm) for pairing/laying and the other 12" x 14" x 24" (300 x 355 x 610mm) for emerging. About 15 adults can be accommodated comfortably. I lay the pupae on layers of tissue in a shallow tray and maintain humidity by copious spraying daily over all of the inside of the cupboard, including the pupae. A thick layer of newspaper in the large cage is soaked every 2 or 3 days.
I am not interested in building a cage for pairing/laying, only for eggs hatching and pupae emerging, that is I need to build only the smaller of the two boxes
If breeding other species (not Acherontia) temperature and humidity conditions may change
Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you
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Re: Building or buying a heated box for moth emerging from pupae

Sounds like you have it covered pretty well. There is one additional thing that I do for my Brazilian Rainbow Boas which require fairly high humidity. I placed a 3" X 8" two inch deep dish in the enclosure. I filled the dish with 1/2 to 1 inch smooth rocks and then filled it with water. The water wicks up onto the rocks and then evaporates which helps maintain the high humidity without direct spraying. Just a thought...
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Re: Building or buying a heated box for moth emerging from pupae

Thank you for your feedback I will keep it in mind
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Re: Building or buying a heated box for moth emerging from pupae

Almost anything should work. The only thing would be to seal up any holes where you ran the wires in if you're talking about bugs to make sure they don't get out and run around your house.

Scroll down to near the bottom and you can see a really simple design
Home made incubators - Reptile Forums

You can also put a window in the lid if desired
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