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Pond Armor & Other Building Questions

Hello, I've been planning a build for a while for my nearly 8ft female RTB and I've been reading that people are recommending pond armor as a good sealant. My question is twofold. One, if I used this in the clear form on plywood, would I first be able to paint the inside with regular paint, or does Pond Armor not stick to paint? If not, could I, at the very least, stain the wood? I hate the thought of leaving it plain, nor do I want the cheaper black pond armor/more expensive colored options. Second, if there are any other cheaper sealants that would make this enclosure 100% waterproof (thinking of one day putting in some type of water element such as a waterfall or little "Pool", but not just yet) and be non-toxic and go over paint/be able to be tinted. For perspective, I am making the closure either an 8x4x2 or 8x2x2 with glass front 'French type' opening doors and two locks on top and bottom. Also, while I'm thinking of it, I had planned to heat the enclosure with a CHE placed about 1-2 feet from the left of the enclosure and lighting it on the upper sides with LED rope lights. I was hoping this placement of the CHE would be good for reaching gradient heat levels, but with such a large enclosure, I'm not entirely certain one 150w CHE alone will suffice; especially if I make it 4 feet tall, but I think that might be a little too tall. I have read about flexwatt tape, and thought about putting it on the bottom, halfway across so that there's a cooler side, then laying down a sheet of vinyl or laminate boards. Any thoughts on the heating as well? And if anyone has any opinions on which size would be best, let me know because I can't really pick. It's either going to be 8x2x4 (LxWxH), 8x4x2, OR an 8x2x2. I'm leaning more towards the last one, but just not 100% yet. Thanks!
(Sorry for all the questions, first time building and I want to make it perfect the first time, and have it all planned down to the tiniest detail before doing anything.)
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Re: Pond Armor & Other Building Questions

Contact the manufacturer. They'll be able to answer all of that.
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Re: Pond Armor & Other Building Questions

Ok, so I found something I think might be better....maybe. Has anyone heard of something called "TriCoPolymer VOC free non-toxic Kennel-seal"? Claims to be water resistant, inhibits mold growth, able to be cleaned with soap and water, safe for pets (not sure if this includes reptiles though, but surely it would?), and food grade. Anyone tried it or maybe has more experience with sealants and could give some input on if they would use it? Tried posting a link, but it's not letting me. I found it on the Home Depot site though.
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Re: Pond Armor & Other Building Questions

If your pond armor is a kind of pond sealer, it should be able to go over paint. The two brands of pond sealer we have here in Oz both do.
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