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IJ Carpet Python Enclosure Requirements

Hi there!
I currently work for a Science Centre in Northern Ontario Canada. We have quite a few reptiles already and someone wants to donate a IJ Carpet Python to us. I have a tank right now thats 4 Feet Long, 21 Inches Tall and 12 Inches wide. I understand Carpets are semi aboral so this tank is tall enough that i could have some climbing in there, but i'm worried its not wide enough. Would this tank suffice? How about when its full grown? (Just want to ensure we have the proper equipment to care for the guy) Also we have a Ball Python already that i get frozen rats shipped in and then i thaw and feed. Apparently this Carpet Python has only ever been fed live. Any suggestions for feeding frozen thawed?

I will also be getting a heating pad but will i need a light as well?

Thank you so much! Any additional advise is also appreciated.
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Re: IJ Carpet Python Enclosure Requirements

First off, welcome to sSNAKESs!!

For a juvenile, that would be okay, but an adult? Then the 12" depth seems awfully shallow, even with the 4' length and the 21" height. You're also calling it a "tank" so I guessing that it is glass sided? Then possibly either a UTH with a basking lamp, a UTH w/CHE, or a CHE/basking lamp combination. I'm using a wooden enclosure for my CP, so it has an RHP to keep the temps up.

For an adult CP, like my 8.6' CP, it seems a little cramped in his 4'x'2'16" (l-w-h) enclosure, and I'm thinking of a 6'x3'x30", or an 8'x3'x30", for a bit more room to "roam" around in. If I could cough up the $1k for a 4x2x6' arboreal I'd go for that, but that won't happen until maybe Nov or Dec time frame.

I've had mixed experiences moving from Live to F/T with some of my snakes. I tried converting my Dumerils to F/T but it refuses to eat anything but live pinky rats, even after starving him for a few weeks. Then there's my two 8yr old Anthill Pythons are live feeders as well, but the previous owner said they tried to convert them over to F/T for years but were unsuccessful as well. And now, I have a juvenile Zebra JCP that is only eating live adult mice, which presents two problems--getting it to start feeding on rats and also on F/T rats. Fun times ahead. Hopefully someone else has some information for you that I can use as well.
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Re: IJ Carpet Python Enclosure Requirements

I have a pair of adult IJ carpet pythons. They are fairly close to being fully grown at around 6' in length and medium rats don't leave a bulge.

I have mine housed in an Animal Plastics T10 cage that is 48" long, 24" wide, and 15" tall. It is the smallest cage that I think they'd be comfortable in. An 18" or 24" tall cage would probably be better and I may upgrade to that size.

I would definitely recommend obtaining a larger cage; you can move the snake into an adult cage at any age, carpets don't seem to stress easily.

I also think that switching to frozen should be easy as I had to tap train mine to convince them that I'm not food. I can't imagine my snakes refusing a meal. I know that mileage varies but, in general, carpets seem to be great feeders.
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Re: IJ Carpet Python Enclosure Requirements

Thank you so much for your replies! Just as a update, i attempted to feed her F/T medium rats and she took to it right away! Her tank now is quite small but what I'm thinking is possibly building her a large wood enclosure with mesh screen and doors that open in the front so i can supply her with room to climb, or hide. The previous owners who donated her said she was friendly, but when i was leaving they kept telling me "She'll give warnings if she's unhappy". Im not sure if I'm just nervous myself around this new creature or its her but when i lift up her hut to go to pick her up she perks her head up and is smelling non stop. Im wondering if she was doing this because she was hungry or there was risk of her biting me. When i would touch her, she would flinch and back up. I fed her now and i'm going to leave her for a bit in hopes that tomorrow, or the day after ill be able to handle her just fine!

Her new name is Lucy.
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Re: IJ Carpet Python Enclosure Requirements

Congrats on the successful feeding. I don't usually handle my snakes for 48 hours after they've eaten. You may want to try hook or tap training your carpet. Some of them can be pretty food oriented so you want to be mindful of that when opening their enclosures. Once they know there's no food coming most are pretty well mannered.
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Re: IJ Carpet Python Enclosure Requirements

That's great news! Like Ziggy said wait a good 48hrs after feeding her to handle her. Seeing as how she's a new acquisition you should probably leave her alone all together until she's fed for you a few times and is settled into her new environment. As for the posturing I have a couple of snakes that think anything going into their enclosure is food. Tapping them with something(hook/roll of paper towels) to let them know they aren't being fed is a good idea. The snake will come to associate being touched in this manner with being handled and not fed. Looks like you're off to a great start!
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