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Do I have to constantly make sure the snake isn't getting away?

Hello. I've been thinking about getting a pet snake and just today I watched a video that talked about possible misconceptions and gave some tips, combining that with another video where this guy had 4 pythons and he was constantly poking in front of them so that they would retract, this just gives me the impression that if I were to get a pet snake I would constantly have to make sure all the time that he/she wasn't trying to get away. Is it really to that extent? Or could I ever just leave the tank open and let he/she go in and out at will? Would it change based on species?
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Re: Do I have to constantly make sure the snake isn't getting away?

Letting the tank open should never be an option. The snake will not come and go as it pleases. Definitely do more research about owning snakes before getting one. They have very specific requirements such as: housing, feeding, heating, humidity just to name a few. This forum is a good place to start learning and asking questions from experienced keepers. Welcome and let us know what type of snake you were thinking about and we can help you.
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Re: Do I have to constantly make sure the snake isn't getting away?

Hello jaks, welcome to ssnakess! Snakes are great pets, but they are not like cats or dogs! Snakes are to be kept in their enclosure the most of their time, this is where they are the happiest and stay healthiest. Handling them is possible depending on the animal, however they need to be supervised during handling constantly. They could injure themselves or get lost very easily, and they will not return on their own. Look around on the forum, a lot of information can be found here!
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Re: Do I have to constantly make sure the snake isn't getting away?

welcome, jaks. the above posts tell it like it is. snakes are great to own. they aren't that difficult to care for but certain things have to be done to keep them healthy. they aren't really interactive but they can give you lots of satisfaction watching their behaviors and growth. each one has it's own personality of sorts-some are hissy when handled- others docile. do your research and then decide which one is right for you.
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Re: Do I have to constantly make sure the snake isn't getting away?

Welcome aboard jaks, unfortunately a pet snake or lizard must be kept in a secure cage/terrarium. While they are very rewarding to own if kept properly they would rather be left alone. Most species will tolerate some handling but they will never show behavior or affection like a cat or dog
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Re: Do I have to constantly make sure the snake isn't getting away?

I think the following sentiment is apt here and I'm paraphrasing from others but I believe it also.

You don't own a snake like you own a cat or dog, you look after it and ensure its wellbeing but it continues to own itself.

I love my reptiles but they're not for everyone and bear in mind a really well looked after boa for example can live to 30+ they are a genuine life long commitment.
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Re: Do I have to constantly make sure the snake isn't getting away?

IMO most of the joy in owning a snake is in the actual providing of care for it. Others may do it differently but I keep snakes because I just like knowing they are there and that I am providing them with everything they need to be as healthy as possible. I actually look forward to cleaning the cage as it gives me an excuse to bother them and pick them up and admire their health and beauty.
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Re: Do I have to constantly make sure the snake isn't getting away?

Yep like others said, you definitely can not just leave reptiles unattended. I had my ball python out on my bed and wasn't paying attention to him as I should have been and he ending up poo/pee-ing all over my bedspread. It was not at all pleasant :P
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