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I do not want the US to go to war at all, but I honestly do not keep up with any of it. I don't like the idea of war for my own selfish reasons, but, regaurdless, they're reasons. It's simply to drastic a change. Being all scared and stuff... people leaving, never coming back... it all seems very confusing and frightning. >.< I should pay attention to it, but, maybe I just think that if I don't know, that it's not happening... Not very logical, I know.
At least the mid-west seems like a fairly safe place - nothing worth bombing here.

just my 2 cents.
On the other hand, you have differnt fingers.
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The bread basket of america not worth bombing? The central USA is a prime target, specially for weapons of mass destruction. I forget who said it but "An army fights on it's stomach."
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i agree about george bush.....not smart!
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Lizzy xxx
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Originally posted by Sir Hiss
Concerningt the nuclear bombs. I was very necessary to drop the bombs. Like I said the Japanese plan, for which I forget the name but could find it if you wanted me to, was to take over the whole world. Their soldiers would NEVER give up. They made an oath to kill themselves before they did anything against this plan. In ordre for us to defeat Japan we would have had to invade the island. Our military geneals estimated the U.S. would lose over a million lives in order to get n the island. That did not inlude all of the Japanese lives which would have to be close to that number. It was absolutlely imparative the we drop the bombs. Be glad that we had them and that our Presisdent was strong enough to order it done. But please don't get me wrong. I don't support the killing of anyone not even our enemies. I would have a very hard time making the decision that Truman made. But presented with the facts above, I would have t agree with what he did, whether I like killing or not. And by the way we were hardly close to winning the war. It has been said that we have always been taught that we were really winning against Japan, but as mentioned in this thread we cannot always trust in what the government tells us. And trust me no person would drop these bombs on Japan if we were so close to winning. Further more they would not do it to show the world what we had. Truman would have just invited them to New Mexico to do that. Read history and you will see that we were never really close to beating Japan.

The Japanese didn't want to take over the world, they wanted to establish the Greater East Asia co-prosperisty sphere. You have to remember in the 30's Asia wasn't anywhere near as developed as they are these days. The USA was dictating what went on over there with threats of repercussions for a long time. The Japanese were fed up with doing what the US deemed correct. What the Japanese wanted were the raw materials of the Phillippines and New Guinea (mostly OIL, sound familiar?).

The Japanese are a very ancient culture, steeped in Bushido, the code of the warrior. Among other things, it was a disgrace to surrender and suicide was more honorable than surrender. That is why the bombs were necessary. That way only the Japanese would suffer huge casualties. And make no mistake, women and children were prepared to fight American soldiers invading the mainland with sharpened bamboo sticks.

The americans were winning the war against the Japanese with "leftovers" - the US's primary opponent was Hitler and the germans and the bulk of their war resources went to Europe. As an Island nation, Japan depended on importation of the bulk of their natural resources, and back in the 30's and 40's the only bulk transport method was ships. And the US submarines were blowing them to hell, to the tune of a million tons a month from 1943 onwards. The outcome of WWII was never in question in the Pacific after 1942, it was just a matter of how long it would take American industry to get up to speed. Check the figures of american warships produced pre 1942 and psot 1942, they are vastly different. In fact, in 1944, the US cancelled dozens and dozens of warships because they knew the war would be over soon.

The Japanese themselves predicted before the war started that if they didn't beat the US into surrender in 12 months, there was no way they could win, no way they could match the industrial might of US.

I bet if Iraq didn't have any oil, no one would give a rat's *** if they had chemical/bio/nuclear weapons, at least not to the point of trying to go to war under any pretext. The US has been coveting middle east oil for a long, long time. This is just the most recent episode. Bush is a typical Republican, catering to big business and the military, screwing the common man and the environment in the process. The sooner he is out of office, the better off the world will be.
Rome did not build a great empire by having meetings, they did it by killing all who opposed them.
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I think this is very interesting listening to all of the thoughts
on this war that is going to happen from you civilians. Im sure you all know,
all of us Marines are waiting for the word to go north into Iraq to kick some a**!
But remember, it is not soley for the fact that we love to kill,
its the fact that our Commander in Chief, the honorable
Mr. George Bush has ordered us to kuwait in stand by for the war
in Iraq. If one Marine is here, we all want to be here!
Yes, we are all fighting for the freedom of the united states
and the pursuit of happiness, but that is not all.
The reason we really fight is for that Infantry Marine on our right and left. That is what we fight for, it may not seem much to you civilians, but the Marine Corps is a brother hood and you will find no place like it. Not the Army, not the Navy, not the Air Force...
NO WHERE! We go through the same pain and tears, joy and smiles, we sweat and bleed together, everything we do is as a team. Thats why the Marine Corps is so succesful. Nobody fights
like us and nobody will leave dents in history books like we do!
nobody! I know i came a little off the topic, but my point is,
Marines dont have a choice. Some join to kill, some join to
get out of their bad teenage life. We all end up fighting
for the same reason, one another! That, is the ultimate reason to fight!
We were sent here to get a job done and we would rather
have our brothers on our side go home to his family than us go home to ours! That is the bond between Marines that will never be broken and keep the United States and all of the UN
forces safe! Think what you want about the war, it is going
to happen regardless. Saddam has armament capable of
disabling all the surrounding countries of Iraq!
Will he do it? Not if the Marines have anything to do with it!
I am not going to be the one to wait and see!
All of you out there that are for the war..., thank you very much.
All of us love to hear that and it fuels our motivation every day!
The Marines will not fail! Saddam, your fuse is running short mother f*****!
You better say your f****** prayers a** hole!
the Marines are coming and you have no place to go!
Millions of people have suffered and we are here to stop that.
Try to scare the Marines with you nuclear biological chemical warfare! We are well beyond prepared! Some will fall,
but that is a part of war you have to suck the f*** up. Its ok to feel sorry for yourself, because I sure as hell would if i was in the impact area of the Marines!
Do what you want because you will pay well in blood! Your time here is done f*****!
LETS GO TO WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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J-Riley-OK your are sort of right. the plan was called the Tanaka Plan. It itself was a plane to put basically all of Eastern Asia under THEIR control. But the Japanese themselves had other plans not exactly written in the Tanaka plan. Even you mention it. They agreed that they needed to get the United States to surrender. IN OTHER WORDS, in 12 months they wanted to have control over the United States ("control" in its lightest form"). Even more so, they were prepared to fight and take control of anyone else who tried to stop them. This is what I meat when I said they wanted to take over of the whole world. Not neccessarily occupy and destory, but to have control of. NOw I dont think there was a question as to whether we could defeat Japan or not, you said too. BUT there was still a question as to how long it could take and how many lives were at stake. They were never "really close" to defeating them. The biggest reason of all being, we simply needed to get on the island and there was no way we were prepared to do that. It would have taken serious time to do that. All I am saying is that we all knew that we could beat Japan, but we were never close to beating them until the bombs. And that was the poin I was trying to make to the other guy. The overall point being: He said there was no need to drop the nuclear bombs and I think both you and I agree that there was an absolute need, primarily to save lives.

BYt the way I hope you listened to Powell this morining and mabey that will change you mind a little. Bush, like Truman, is interested in saving lives. We dont get any of our oil from Iraq. If we really wanted to start a war just to get oil, we would go after Venezuela where we get it all anyway. No offense anybody, but they would be a whole lot easier than Iraq. If you still dont agree with this pending war, I hope Iraq gets one of thier unmanned jets and flys it over your neighborhood and sprays some toxin all over and mabey when you see all of you friends suffering and dying, you will say, mabey we should have taken these away from Saddam.

Sorry. I dont really want this to happen to you or any one else, but is that what it is going to take to get you to understand what were are really trying to do? I hope not.
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over confidence=complacency . i do wish you the best of luck but you say you are fighting for the freedom of the United States and the pursuit of happiness. The United States is under no attack and is not ruled by a tyrant and stripped of its freedoms. i do not particulaly like Gearge W. Bush but i would not call him a tyrant. Fighting for the pursuit of happiness? were you not happy at home? at more peaceful times. War does not always bring Beauty and Peace. what was that old Wilfred Owen poem ending something like " The old lie: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori." I believe that statement translates into " The old lie: It is fitting and honorable to die for ones country." He was a soldier in World War 1 mind you . I do not mean to offend and i believe that I might have, so i apologize. i could not help but reply. this turned out to be a post moredirected towards war in general than the war in iraq. oh well.
"a tolls a toll, and a rolls a roll, and if we don't get no tolls... then we don't eat no rolls "
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LoL sir hiss you took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to mention that if it was not known, Iraq is not the only place in the world who has a steady oil supply...

And to man of steel, I highly highly doubt you are a marine, no offence however. You just to not speak like a member of the marines, more like an immature individual posing as a marine officer. I may be wrong, and if so I apologize however I think a marine has much more respect for war. And if I am correct would you please grow up and have more respect for the lives of others. Again if I am wrong I really apologize however I do not think
The Marines will not fail! Saddam, your fuse is running short mother f*****!
are the words of an honorable marine...
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tHeGiNo, I dont know how much you know about the Marine life, but pretty language isnt a priority there. Also, most marines know about how things really are in this world. They don't live the undisturbed, sheltered life in Surburban, America.

Which is another point. There are probably people who arent qualified to have an opinion about the welfare of the Iraqi civilization and whether or not we should go to war.. Some people probably think its like another USA, where everything is just hunky-dorry. Well, its not. And the sooner everybody realizes this, the better.

I'm not talking about people here. I'm talking about everywhere in the U.S.

Man of Steel, I dont know if you are a marine or not, but if you are, I hope you kick Saddam's butt.

What do ya wanna bet I can throw this football over them mountains?

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Shaggybill..., Thanks man! We love to hear stuff like that.
Like I said before, it fuels our motivation in this s*** hole!

THEGIONO- I really dont know what to say?????????
I have never had to prove to someone that I am a Marine and I do not need to!
No, I am not an officer in the Marine Corps.
I am a noncommisioned officer( enlisted Marine).
Officers are not machine gunners or any other weapons marine
for that matter. They are platoon commanders, company commanders, battalion commanders, regimental commanders,
division commanders, marine expeditionary force commanders,
and then commandants of the marine corps. All that kind of s***! Officers just look over the units, its the enlisted Marines who make s*** happen.
Is it my bad mouth? All Marines, I say again, all Marines
have bad mouths. Yes, even the females. I dont know much about them because we dont have any in the infantry(grunts).
Dont worry about affending me! I dont get that way.
You have to have thick skin to be in the Corps, or else
everyone would eat you alive here. I know I might sound
immature, thats because when we have down time we are, but rest assured, when it is time to get the job done the world
can count on us. We hardly have any down time to ourself, so when we do we take the time to f*** around like we have no worries. When its time to work, you have Marines as young as 17
years old with an entire grunt company and sometimes more
lives in their hands. If that young private or private first class 0331 does not get that 240G up when the 0311's are maneuvering through the objective, an entire company of grunts
(roughly 170 infantry marines) will be taken out!
All it takes is a 1 second lull in machine gun fire to allow the enemy to gain fire superiority. Once that happens, its all over!
FIRE SUPERIORITY! Thats what wins fire fights.
The average life span of a machine gunner when a fire fight begins is 8... 8 seconds. Respect the lives of others?
My enemy? I respect their abilities, but not their life!
Being soft and emotional about s*** like that during a time of peace will cause you to break in the time of war.
I am a Corporal( non commisioned officer ), leader of Marines and going to be a Sergeant next month! Im pretty stoked about that!
I am confident in my young Marines and have no doubt that they
will do nothing short of phenominal during this s*** in Iraq.
They depend on me, I depend on them, its a team effort.
There is no individuals. You win as a team, you f*** up as a team!
If you still dont believe me, you can contact me by email-
RIOSJL@1MARDIVDF.USMC.MIL- That stands for, 1st Marine Division Division Forward.United States Marine Corps.Military

THEM AND US- No offence taken, no worries.
We train and fight for the PURSUIT of happiness. Yes, I am very happy at home with my snakes, but if the United States does not act against actions of foreign countries before they are made I will not be happy,
or anybody else for that matter. We cant lower our national security posture and allow them to f*** us up.
Its happened before and it does not need to happen again!
For everyone at, sleep well,
thanks again for your time.
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Wow I do not know what to say, I sincerely apologize. I guess my mind is not in reality and do not realize what is really going on in this small small world. Hey if you have the time to answer this question, why do you think Bush wants to start war with Iraq? Do you believe it IS actually for the security of the United States or is it because they want Sadaam to drop his status and elect a new presedent which would be the puppet of the United States. I honestly do not feel it is due to the oil as there are many other places in the world with an oil suppply...God bless you and if, by no means am I wishing on it, but if war does happen and you find yourself on the battle field may God bless you and I wish the best of luck. I just hope sadaam just gives up because personally I feel Bush will not give up and unecessary lives will be lost.

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Hey, thanks bro!
I cant really talk right now. I have a s*** load of stuff to do.
I will get back to you in a couple of days.
I only get on a computer every so often. The Marines stay in the field of s*** hole Iraq and we only get to the computer when we go to the Army base( camp doha ).
Those army guys get everything nice. As a matter of fact
everyone does, but not the Marine Corps.
We get all the gear the Army gets rid of.
Anyway, ill talk to you soon man! Thanks,like I said, I dont get offendid so dont worry about it!
And by the way..., WE ARE GOING TO WAR!
Remember I told you that. Sooner than you think!
God bless,
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I did not expect to find ANTI war protests going on in a Snake
I agree with "anygiven60", I cannot stand when people try to influence others decisions! If countries are willing to sacrifice billions of dollars, human lives, etc, they usually have a pretty good reason! You spoke of WW2, well look what happend to germany, they were smothered to death by sanctions, did that stop them?? WWII could have been avoided if the west did not just sit on their asses and watch as a country grew more and more dangerous. Once a fire is started it will just keep on spreading, unless it is quickly put out! The same with countries like Iraq! I wonder if you would have the same Anti war thoughts if your whole family was killed by Anthrax, or Botulism, OR even Serin gas (products of wich Iraq does have)? Bet you would have been all for a war then!
But I do not Agree with how the United States abuse their power!
Seems like a new aged Roman Empire to me, troops stationed all around the world, influencing smaller countries, intervening on other countires business (wars)!
Tha, Tha , thats all I hav ta say bout that!!
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What we are doing in the gulf is a great thing....... They are the ones who helped finance the attack on the world trade center..... Those of you who do not live in New York will never understand...... Those of you who did not lose anyone in the WTC bombing will never understand....... These mosters need to be delt with....... I cant stand these people that dont agree with what we are doing...... Do you feel bad for these terrorist???? If you do you should go live with them in their messed up crappy poverty stricken terrorist infested country........ I hope we whipe them off the face of the planet........ What will it take to open your eyes people..... Maybe an attack on your city??? I support my president and our wonderful militaty 100%
"A sure fire way for a government to lose control of something is for them to prohibit it."
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It is plain ignorant to put the blame of a entire country because of the terrorism that has came from there. There are a small percentage of people in that country who supported the terrorist, and a even smaller percentage of people who live in North America from there who support it. This war is unavoidable and it is going to happen, but the war is with Saddam and his Military it is not against, and should not be against the general population of Iraq and Afganistan.

Lets also keep this thread clean, or it wont remain up for much longer. is offline  
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