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Pythonian, you're how old 19? and you "use" to be in the airforce? that was a short career.. You know about the aliens and stuff eh is offline  
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Oh before you get mad, iam just kidding is offline  
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i was in for a year. i got kicked out because they found out i was colorblind ... No nothing about aliens *throws a handful of paper in the shredder* lol .... lets just say when 9/11 happened and osama bin laden apparently killed all those people.. the military wasn't so gun ho .. they made 2 shipments of troops.. which if anybody knows about the military .. you can't take over las vegas. with 2 shipment of troops...

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i really dont want to sound callous, but in the real big picture 7 ppl died in a terrible accident. i feel for the families loss, but people die every day. sometimes in the most atrocious ways imaginable. i know it was the first time a shuttle has failed on re-entry so media interest will be big, but when see every chammel on tv stopping programs for 7 ppl killed in a car crash.
sorry if i offended anyone, just my own feelings
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don't think anyones offended paul
we're just all trying to grasp a tradgegy in or own way
some of us want a reason some of us can accept
but none of us can relize untile it happens to ourselves
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Sure in the big picture 7 people dieing in a shuttle accident is hardly a drop in the bucket in the number of lives lost every day. How ever the shuttle breaking up is a big dent in the space program, which means there won't be much in the way of advancement.
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I'm a big beneficiary of the research that has been conducted on the shuttles and the International Space Station. I'm disabled, waiting on a heart/lung transplant and have an aortal assistance device implanted above my heart to help pump blood upwards against the force of gravity.

This technology came from the NASA missions and has saved my life. I hope that we find a way to continue to conduct the research that has touched so many lives while keeping the astronauts safe.

Those 7 people are heroes to me.
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