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Warning about pyrethrin use

To those it may concern. Please be aware that I have first hand to the damage it can do. If you are using pyrethrin please take the time to look up SAFE dosages for snakes or other herps. Recently I had a boa that exibited IBD symptoms; however, I refused to believe it was IBD and my vet worked with me to determine that it was a pyrethrin toxcidity. It causes the animal to build it up and store in their urine, liver, and kidneys. Some symptoms may include:

Trouble breathing
Lethargic nature
Avoiding light
Unable to right itself
Muscle spasums
Trouble passing feces/urine
Urine may be thick and green in color- think spinich baby food
Smelly saliva- it has an almost almond twangy smell to it
Scales drying out in patches
Skin rashes
Unable to slither effectavly
Unable to swallow effectavly
Labored breathing
Coarkscrewing of the head
Tremors both full body and head
Bloating/water retention
Upsidedown behavior
Unable to coil
Muscle weakness
Kidney problems
Liver problems
Muscle atrophy

If your snake or other herp is exposed to a high level of pyrethrin SEAK VET CARE ASAP. The quicker you flush out the toxins the quicker they return to some sort of normal.

A video of my affected boa [here]

Snakes may still eat but beware they can have issues swallowing so use MUCH smaller prey than normal, wet it and offer it on tongs. Be warned: they may strike but if not careful will miss the rat and slam into the viv. Try and feed in an open room to avoid further trauma.

My boa was boarded and their level of use was MUCH higher than prevent a mite- which is only a 0.50%. Their home maid mix was over 6%- it doesnt sound like a lot but just look at my snake. She may never fully recover but as long as she stays on fluids we are hopeful we can right her back to "normal". PLEASE be aware and read the directions and follow them to a T. Make sure their water bowls NEVER come in contact with the stuff. I had to learn from a former emploid member of the boarding shop that they dont even remove water bowls when they treat. This is probably why she was more effected because at the time she was in shed and sitting in the water dish a lot more.

If left untreated it can and WILL cause the death of your animal. I will keep updated and try and get lab results posted in here once I take her back friday. DONT TAKE CHANCES, its a great thing- pyrethrin- BUT IT IS TOXIC so be careful!
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