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Old 01-24-03, 07:35 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Interesting question, and SERIOUS!

I've been reading the posts about the improper husbandry and what nots in certain stores and peoples collections. Something popped into my mind as I realized how many people have given me business cards and links to their websites. These people have been offering me animals and agreeing to keep me stocked for years with their CB animals, as they plan to expand their "businesses". I'd like to know how many people out their, who constantly post animals for sale and do the shows, have websites and business cards, actually have "LEGAL BUSINESS PERMITS" and pay their taxes? I'd like to know this, because I highly doubt the majority of people actually do this. If i wasn't paying the government (and others) 40% of what I pull in, not including labour, I could hire 2 extra people to give "proper" maintenance to my animals. If you are a breeder and selling herps here or at shows, and not paying your dues, yet complaining about others who do, this may be a breaking point in the "PET STORE VS PRIVATE BREEDER DEBATE".
Just my 2 cents, bring on the responces..................

Damien Aube
AK Exotics
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How do you explain the pet stores that DO provide proper care then? What are they doing right that you are not? Not every pet store is bad, but I've seen some that should have the owners shot for keeping animals the way they do.
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Now your bitching, ESPECIALLY when you would bad mouth other pet stores.

The big difference between a pet store and a breeder is that we do TRY and better the animals, where pet store can buy from wholesalers and pay $20 for something that is wild caught or miss treated. But to get it from a breeder, it would cost you $50 or more. Maybe you shouldn't order from those wholesalers and give breeders better opportunities and then maybe more breeders would make a steady business of it. We can't compete with wholesalers.

If you can't take care of your animals, you shouldn't have a pet shop. They should be your main priority. Lots of breeders have day jobs and still can take good care of their animals. Some even have FAMILYS!!!!!!

Its not our fault that you decided to open a pet store. No one told you, that u had to. You have to make a certain amount of money before you have to have a business. Thats your choice.
What do u care if we all have business licenses. U won't get in trouble.... the people that get caught will.
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Old 01-24-03, 08:39 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Cool down now...

He wasn't blaming anyone, he's just bringing up a topic of discussion...there's no need to get hostile...
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Its funny that this was "Xander"s first post. I wonder if maybe it's a member who doesnt want their real idendity known?
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Old 01-24-03, 08:58 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Posts: 3 thing he is saying is that we as breeders should be paying taxes.Well I as a breeder know that I can't afford to open a pet store and pay the government 40%,so I suffer paying breeders prices and don't get to buy animals and mark them up 300%.So if pet store owner's get to mark animals up 300%,I don't think they should complain about giving 40% still leaves them with 260%,which I might add is still a hell of alot of money that they gouge unknowing customers for.
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Old 01-24-03, 09:00 PM   #7 (permalink)
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Well tek..12 posts u have been around for a long time,sorry for being new
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k, aside from the legal issues another reason these debates on pet stores / breeders and the CBOI was removed is because everytime they come up they are surrounded by hostility. Damien i see where your coming from here and your right on the money, the reality is 85% of these businesses are cash money exchanges and are probably not claimed. Im closing this thread because i can already see where its going. The only way the goverment could regulate this would be to make reciepts mandatory for all animals in your possesion / collection to be dubbed as legal. Lets try to keep things positive, there are alot of negative things and opinions going on in everyones lives and if we voiced them all the forums would go to poop! Lets enjoy the hobby and the community. is offline  
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