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Old 01-25-03, 03:54 AM   #16 (permalink)
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LOL!! got me, good stuf!!
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Old 01-25-03, 04:57 AM   #17 (permalink)
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LOL nice one bro! I happened to have my speakers off
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Old 01-25-03, 07:41 AM   #18 (permalink)
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lol not bad - I really could not read the ladt temp plate though .. hmmm I wonder if there was an actual nmber b4 the sabotage thing

Funny though!
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Old 01-25-03, 07:53 AM   #19 (permalink)
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Old 01-25-03, 08:26 AM   #20 (permalink)
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Dom, that last one doesn't have a visible number for folks who are not color-blind. It's a test plate for macular degeration, folks with it often see a 7 or 17 because of red color defects.
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Old 01-25-03, 10:42 AM   #21 (permalink)
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i went to the optometrist about 8 years ago and he said i was color blind and I didn't belive him ... i couldn't read ANY of the numbers and where did they get a picture of my mother?!?!

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Old 01-25-03, 12:11 PM   #22 (permalink)
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Ok the end was sick. I hate those things. But it was a cool link, other then the end.
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Old 01-26-03, 03:14 PM   #23 (permalink)
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Damn you Matt!!! hahahahahahaha thats great!!!!
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Old 01-26-03, 04:33 PM   #24 (permalink)
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Thats great!!! It scared the sh*t out of my dad
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Old 01-27-03, 10:02 AM   #25 (permalink)
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That scared the crap outta me - and half of my class... o.o.....
On the other hand, you have differnt fingers.
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Old 01-27-03, 11:50 AM   #26 (permalink)
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I really hate those things
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Old 01-27-03, 12:10 PM   #27 (permalink)
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Haha that's great! I had my volume down though

Im passng it on!!
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Old 01-27-03, 12:21 PM   #28 (permalink)
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It's funnier after you pass it on.
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Old 01-28-03, 07:17 PM   #29 (permalink)
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after it scared the crap out of me I did it to my sister and my mom with very funny results! BTW good one that got the blood pumpin
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Old 01-28-03, 08:47 PM   #30 (permalink)
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Ha ha, that was funny! Thanks for sharing. and I passed as well.
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