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Wild caught BPs

Ok, I just want to share, I found this really cool petstore not too far from my work. The reason I say cool is cuz they actually have more than 1 cage of mice and rats. The stores by my house never have pinkys then I end up driving all over the freaking place to find them.....but I digress.

So I noticed that they had 2 BP selling for $30 each! My mind started racing about what my roommate would say if she came back from out of town only to discover that I had bought a 2nd snake (she was very against my little Dozer). Well, I think that the price was ridiculously cheap, so I inquired about them, and found out that they were wild caught. The petsore worker could not tell me how old they were, or anything else about them for that matter, just that they were wild caught. I don't know about you guys, but that made me sad. Those snakes did not look happy, but they were really pretty......
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It is really unfortunate when these things happen .. You feel stuck by wanting to take him cause you have pitty for the little guys .. but if you do, it just means they will import more .. too me its a vicious circle..

I know how you feel .. I was once a a pet sotre in Toronot .. (name not to be disclosed althought i believe it should), they had about 15 to 20 WC Bp together in a huge ball .. I had never seen so many together .. they were selling for about 100$ canandian .. hence 50-60$ american.. It really pissd me off to look at that ..

Personally, I would never ever buy a wc animal .. Its tooo bad but the problem is too many ppl buy them..


take care
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I agree with Doms and have some points to add... .in purchasing this animal you will be supporting a trade that is depleting the animal from its natural habitat and causes thousands of deaths in the process. As well, you will be getting an animal with health issues and problems with acclimation.
That could be the reason why they are so cheap. Ultimately its up to you, but there are many healthy captive bred out there that need homes too
psst....tell your roomie first, surprises aren't always nice
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I hope no one misunderstood me, I was completely turned off the minute that I found out that they were WC. I just felt really bad for those beautiful creatures is all. No, my roomie would have me in a sling, besides I have no space for them.
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