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katev17 01-17-03 03:31 PM

Favourite show
Just wondering what everybody's favourite TV show is? Just to see the differences in what we like!

Mine: The Sopranos! (WOOHOO... Season 4 kind of sucked... oh well.) :cool:


Lisa 01-17-03 03:37 PM

Mines the oblongs. They're truely twisted. Wish we could get more episodes.

katev17 01-17-03 03:39 PM

AH! Yea! Hilarious... that show's awesome too... haha

OttawaChris 01-17-03 04:03 PM

I dont watch much TV... but on the rare occasion that I do I really get a kick out of the Croc Hunter, That 70's show, The Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle

ReptileHQ 01-17-03 04:07 PM

I only use my T.V. for sports and nature shows....but I started watching "Joe Millionare" the other week....hillarious!!!


silke 01-17-03 04:09 PM

well...i only get 1 channel since i cancelled my cable and the only show i hate to miss is CSI (the Las Vegas one not Miami) 01-17-03 04:33 PM

THE WIRE - Its a show that was on HBO like the sopranos, but the first season is over.

Shane Tesser 01-17-03 04:45 PM

Soprano's with a bullet....pun intended :P

katev17 01-17-03 04:48 PM

Woohoo! Nice choice :D

Tim_Cranwill 01-17-03 04:54 PM

All time fav's...

- Seinfeld (who I am going to see live in Grand Forks!!!)
- All In The Family
- and... uhm *cough* Days Of Our Lives...;) I've been exposed to that show since I was like 5 years old and have kept up with it off and on...:)

JeffT 01-17-03 04:59 PM

SOUTH PARK!!!!!!!!!!! that is the funniest show i have/ever will see!

Big Mike 01-17-03 05:00 PM

I feel that The Simpsons is the best show on TV. The first few years were not as good and the last few years have been lacking. Everything you need to know in life can be learned from the season in between.


Ha Ha

Tim_Cranwill 01-17-03 05:03 PM

oh yeah, The Sipmsons! SNL is pretty good lately too....

JasonBrennan 01-17-03 07:25 PM

The Osbournes and The Shield are my two favorites. I really like good cop shows, and Ozzy is just too damn funny!!!!

andrea 01-17-03 08:52 PM

well, my fave is Cowboy bebop, really anything anime, inu yasha, g gundam, etc etc.
other than anime....i know im gonna be a geek for saying this, but it would have to be the x-files

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