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Do you remember....

Do you remember the first breeding that was successful(reptiles you were your thoughts the first time you saw the little ones being hatched or born?Just curious.

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I have never bred anything myself but i have been fortunate to see some balls coming right out of the eggs and into my hands! (thanks Corey) and i must say its pretty amazing to see! is offline  
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My cammy's and tokay's have bred and laid eggs on several occasions, waiting on my first clutch of balls this spring, this'll be my greatest experience yet, i think, seeing itty bitty ball pythons piping and emerging from their eggs. After the balls (next season) I'm gonna work with bci's and smooth greens (Liochlorophis vernalis borealis). Not too sure what i'll get into after that, hopefully carpets and bloods.
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I was 8 when my grandfather and I built a rainchamber for our White's treefrogs and we had a few successful spawnings. I was pretty much glued to the tadpole tanks to watch for the slightest signs of metamorphosis. A boring summer to tell about, but one to remember!
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You'll think I'm a freak but I nearly cried when I found my first mealworm babies! I had no idea they'd be so tiny and cute. Muah ha ha, now I just feel like DR Frankenstein with my colony going strong to feed my herps.
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Well my first snake babies didn't hatch, they were live born and it was COOL! I slept through the first half of the births but I still got to catch about 15 Garter Snake babies being born.
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the first lizards i bred were fat tail geckos, and the first snakes were western hognose snakes, I had a pair of hogs for like 9 months, never put them together and the female laid 9 fertile eggs that all hatched, i was surprised, but happy
Matt Rudisi
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yeah're a freak...HA ha ha just kidding

I was pretty excited when my first superworms pupated and turned into Big Beetles
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