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According to the Red Book of Westmarch, In Middle-earth, Lisa - was a Diminutive Gaffer (oh joy, sounds like I'm still doing the same thing)

Elven Name Possibilities for Lisa -
The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is: Oroparma
Feminine versions are: Oroparmaiel, Oroparmaien, Oroparmawen

Hobbit lass name for Lisa - Amarantha Proudfoot from Stock

Dwarven Name for Lisa - Palin Woodenmirth, this name is for both genders.

Orkish Name for Lisa Muzbog the Devastator, This name is for both genders.
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I am Countess Singing Creek

also known as:

Elvish: Vorladiel, Vorladien, Vorladwen
Hobbit: Estella Gamgee from Bywater
Dwarven: Fror Clayeye
Orkish: Grimsnak the Horrible

and in Middle Earth I was a Cowardly Haradrim. Oh great!
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Ok, for the Ya-Ya one, I'm "Queen Dont Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out"

For the LOTR one I'm:
Middle Earth: Valiant Shirriff
Elven: Vinyaaldaiel, or Vinyaaldaien, or Vinyaaldawen
Hobbit: Angelica Hill from Buckland
Dawarven: Bofur Cleverskin
Orcish: Ashkrut the Sly

This was hilarious!
~ Alaska and
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Oh dear...

I would appear to be :

Queen Works-Like-a-Dog (for my short name) or
Countess Bop Around the Clock for my proper name!

How can I be both unless my job is lap-dancer? LOL!!!

(it isn't, by the way!!!)

And in Middle Earth I'm Drunken Harfoot,
Elvish - Baleanto
Hobbit - Rowan Cottonfoot from Tuckborough
Dwarf - Drar Bloodnose (hmmm, quite common for me, in Karate!)

but the one I feel most at home with...

Ork - Grubgob the Looter!!! Yeah! That's me!

LOL, thanks to Clownfishie and Them and Us for the huge giggle!

Brig (forever to be know as Grubgob)
"If you think you can't afford it, you just don't want it badly enough..."
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lol.....well im
Empress Strong Cloud


cute name!!!
1.0 Normal corn snake, 0.1 Snow corn snake.
Lizzy xxx
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