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Steve Irwin?

What are everyone's thoughts and the "Croc Hunter" Steve Irwin? My 7 year old sister can't get enough of the guy, but personally I've had way more than I can stand... the guy's everywhere. It was fun watching him at first - but now he just annoys me.
what do you guys think?
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croc hunter RULES!! though he needs some new episodes!! i also like Mark O Shea!! because he is all reptiles where steve gets into a little of everything and i watch for the herps not an hour on Orangatangs or camels etc i could see that on discovery any time.
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I agree with Jason.

If the croc hunter is dealing with reptiles he has got my full attention.

I dont know what to think about that Jeff Corwin guy... I would probably have to kick his ars if I ever met him. My wife thinks he's cute....LOL
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I prefer Steve Irwin to any of them, but I agree he focuses alot on mammals. I liked his shows better when they were all about reptiles. Maybe he should change the name of the show from Croc Hunter to "Any and Every Animal Hunter"???

Corwin is just annoying. I am sorry, but he gets on my nerves. Plus, his show just seems "staged" (lift a log and wow!!! a perfect specimen!)

O'Shea is cool. Hard to understand sometimes (he sounds drunk sometimes, which is funny). It is just his accent, I know.

So, that is my vote.
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O'Shea is pretty good. I like Erwin but think that some of his handling practices are a bad example for young herpers.
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I agree with most...I like Steve but I've seen all the shows and I only want to watch the reptile reruns.

I like Corwin's show for the animals but I'm not a big fan of Jeff himself.

I have never seen O'Shea...what's the name of the show he is on? What network? Time etc?
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RRRRR, dont get me started....too late i guess (I'll keep it short)
cant stand Irwin
rev, i agree, his handling practices with venomous are attrocious, he is so careless.
He treats the animals like toys

I worked with a couple people from National Geographic that worked on his show and they said he was very rude and disrespectful (obviously its second hand info, i cant verify that), but i feel like he comes off with such an attitude in the show......just my opinion

Doesnt he claim to have never been envenomated as well?
I know at one point he said this....which is not true.
I talked to a doctor in the states that worked on him once when he was envenomated
Matt Rudisi
~Reptiles Canada~
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Just remember when he said that it was quite a few years ago, they just keep replaying that episode. He has been "envenimated" (cobra spit) on the show.

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I used to liek the croc hunter but now it really gets on my nerve .. smae shows and same info .. I find he never ever gives out new info but alwasy the excact same things!

As for the corwin.. I saw only one show and I was entertained .. and O'shea .. never seen it!
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I like all the shows from Steve Irwin, to Bradie Barr on National Geographic, Jeff Corwin, O'Shea, etc...I'm not picky. If it's about snakes I'm so there!

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The fact is he has done so much for Austrailian wildlife, by doing these shows he has helped many people realize what people are really doing to the earth. I don't really have anytime to get evidence or anything of that sort but I know that he has help Austrailian and the worlds wildlife tremendously by doing these educational shows. But thats just my thought, I think the guy is cool, he puts on a great show!

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I've never seen O'shea, but I watch the other two. Jeff Corwin is really one WEIRD dude, which in turn makes him very entertaining. The Cric Files need some new episodes. It is getting dull watching the same croc get rescued from the concrete pit over and over again.

Animal planet is quickly becoming my second favorite channel.
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Steve Irwin is NUTS!! I like him, but he's nuts! If he didn't do what he did, I wouldn't get too see any of those animals!!
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~Kat )O(
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"O'shea's Big Adverture"

I watched this guy handle all sorts of HOT hots including an episode with a "sea snake hunt" LOL
Of course i have also seen two episodes of him after being envenomated,one involved an air rescue !

Now Corwin is a ham ! ..and has amazing luck (or really good editing) hehe.
However i agree, he tends to stay with the herps so i like the show
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I absolutely love O'shea! partially cuz hes just great! and partially cuz hes a local man a midlander! oh yeaah! we rule!
irwin is great too. i guess its just cuz hes so crazy! theres probably nothing he wont do! crazy crazy man...he also got me started on loving the fierce and scaly!
i cant stand jeff corwin!!! jebus christ! i just wanna slap him round the face with a wet cod on a pointy stick with tinsel wrapped round!
oh yes! i may be wierd... but this wierdo comes with new, improved Live Journal action!
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