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Old 01-06-03, 05:58 PM   #1 (permalink)
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rescue update

well after several penicillan shots, a bath, and several bottles of peroxide

he actually does look alot better, if you didn't see the initial pics

seems to be about 10yo or so, but looks like the ol man will make it, though it was touch and go the first week. anybody want an old dog? lol
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Good job rev good to see humanity in your actions most would have put the old boy down! Proud to call you friend rev. Keep the rescue going you are doing great deeds for our animal pals.


Hip (Scotch on the rocks! keep em cummin!)
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Ouch! good to seem him coming around.
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Great to see that he is coming along so well - I was wondering how he was making out. So what have you named him??

Mary v
Mary VanderKop
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Wow... looks like he's really coming along well! Good job! :thumbsup:
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Old 01-06-03, 11:53 PM   #6 (permalink)
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I kept meaning to ask how he was making out. I am glad he is doing well and that he ended up on your lawn!
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I'm so happy to see the good progress, a big thumbs up to you I wish you new buddy a full recovery and a happy home should he not stay with you.

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Old 01-07-03, 05:08 AM   #8 (permalink)
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So glad to hear he is doing well. I say give him a name, and let him curl up next to your bed for his last few years. He has had a rough ride and you two were thrown together for a reason.
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Old 01-07-03, 09:51 AM   #9 (permalink)
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as a grad student that travels and camps regularly I have neither the money to feed a dog nor the desire to restrict my life because of the daily feeding, watering, and potty walks involved with warm-blooded animals lol. I'll let him stay till fully healed but then he needs a nice elderly homelife with someone that can and will baby him.
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reverendsterlin I must say that i am proud that there are such ppl like your self that would take the time and love that you have gave this animal very cool
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Rev, did I but live closer and have a lease that allowed dogs, I'd jump at the chance to get to know your warm-blooded friend. Thanks for the update, I'd been wondering. The old boy looks vastly improved and I hope to hear that his recovery continues nicely and that he finds a good permanent family to love him.
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Glad he's doing better.
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Good Job Rev! I recently tried to rescue a puppy that was recently hit by a car and the ******* kept driving ;( unfortunately the colon was severed and there was nothing we could do


a baby pure bred jack russel puppy.
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There are some cruel people out there.
lets thank god there are better people in the world too!!

Lizzy xxx
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