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I really have to see it a few more times to really get a better feeling for it. It was the same with the first movie. To me, the changes from page to screen almost overshadow the rest of the movie. I just have to accept that it's Peter Jackson's version of it. It's not so much a sequal as continuation of the same story. It just can't be constrained into one movie theater sitting. I encourage everyone to see the Special Edition of Fellowship because it is a more comlete movie than the theatrical version. I assume the 2nd movie will be the same.

I just find it really exciting to finally see these things on the big screen after loving this story all of my life.
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I definately did go!!!
that show is so so awesome!!
Im going at least 3 more times
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I've read the books and seen the movie. They are not the same because they're not the same media. You must remember the movie is not a book and can't be compared to the book as you are seeing some one elses interpetation of the book, even if J.R. Tolkien had written the screen play, directed, produced and edited the movie himself it would still be different then the book. It's like comparing apples and oranges. As a movie it's a fantastic movie, the cinematography is great, and although the movie is a bit long it's a long story that is being compressed into a 3 hour time frame. There are few movies that can compare to the LOTR trilogy.
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The first movie was amazing, and the second was even better. I dont see how they could have improved anything (other than replacing liv tyler with someone who can act) Everything in the two movies was perfectly done. Followed the books pretty well, other than leaving out a few small details.

I could honestly say, If you're not a fan of the average elves and wizard story, you'll still love this movie. I dont think theres anything in it to complain about. The speacial effects are amazing, the story is solid, the characters are awesome, and all the acting and character placement was well done.

Watching the second movie. you almost feel as if you're in it. It really grabs you and takes you for a ride.

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I'll have to see those movies, sometime.
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i read the books several times. loved them. I loved the fellowship of thering movie and i loved the two towers as well. both were amazing. yes although they changed much with Faramir but the ending between Faramir and Frod and Sam was the same and led into whatthe book had done. I agree with Linds in that you have to accept the movies as movies and the books as books. if you can separate the two and not compare them you will find that the movies are awesome. the only gripe i had was that Celeborn died, i could not believe that but someone dies in every movie that upsets peole. but i loved the movie anyhow. Jackson is a genius. and is the extended DVD version of the fellowship of the ring really that much greater. i guess I'll have to get it.
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