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haha LOL *min pins* hahaha those little tiny things are ugly, and cute at the same time. hahaha. they are cool though. I don't think my dogs would like one though.....

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all doggies are sweeties...but i have to side with Jeff on the short hairs.....I don't like to vacuum too much!
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Actually, most smooth-coated dogs shed ALOT more than anything with a longer coat (coarse-coated dogs - not like collies or newfies). My jack's dont seem to shed at all. Lol not sure any dog shed compares to cat hair though... yuck!
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Well now that we have turned this site totally into a dog forum...i wanna join in....
My favorite dog would have to be a Female 1/2 Red nose Pit bull mixed with an Akita...ears cropped and all.
I think they're beautiful mixes....although i dont know if any of u have seen this mix...but most i've seen are amazing....
Also, pure american bulldoggs are wicked too....but not those obese slobbering ones.....ones thsat have been worked out and toned.
Also, French Mastiffs are awsome that i think about it anything thats furry and has 4 legs is wicked!
Grant van Gameren
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Old 04-16-02, 10:26 AM   #20 (permalink)
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Linds-go figure.... we had a sheltie(mini-collie)and a mini-samoid which did shed and get stinky occasionally! and I couldn't agree with you more on the cat hair....We've got two russian blues and if I don't vacuum everyday there's hair bunnies rollin around like tumble weed! lol! Pretty kitties though.....
btw...our lil' samoid would catch mice in the house and do away with 'em too.....

Grant-I have no idea what an Akita is but I like the pit bull half of that deal! Bull dogs, mastiffs, bull terriers...they're nice and buff! All they need is a t-shirt with a pack of smokes rolled under the sleeve to finish of they're look!
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