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After abbreviations comes pronunciation

I've learned a lot of the latin names for snakes, but be darned if I would dare to say them. Took me long enough to learn the gecko and frog names, but these snake monikers are real nightmares.

How about a quick lesson in snake terminology.

e.g. Elaphe ..... rhymes with..... ee-laf? ee-laff-ee? elephant?

Not that there's a need for all the latin names, but the most common ones, just so I can open my mouth in public and know I'll be understood.

And if Santa is listening, maybe he could bring someone a few hours of time for Christmas - so he/she/they can make up a list of latin herp names - could be the first place with 'Herp Name Pronunciation for Dummies'.
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I've got a C.D.....

I've got a C.D Rom that shows the pictures of the snakes, gives their common names and latin names, but also pronounces their latin names.

I thought this was the best idea since the bread slicer.

Now, they could be wrong - but they say E-laf-A, Rhymes with

I've heard some well versed people call it E-laugh, and I still rely on the good ol E-laff-e, rhymes with taffy - because that is what I thought it was when I was 12 - and old rules are hard to break.

I always fear I am going to sound like an idiot when I talk to zoology people, because I normally only see the name in books - and have to guess at how it is properly pronounced.

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LOL For real eh! I'm always just doing my best to sound things out and hope that when it comes up in real life discussion I don't sound like too much of an
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cept latin doesn't use the same phonetics as english.... i think a course on latin is required lol
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the one that caught me (and with Roy no less who laughed his *** off when i said it wrong) was nelsoni which i'm told is pronounced nelson - eye
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I've been pronouncing it nels-own-ee... oh well.
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