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Question Gloves...

I've noticed some of you with gloves on in your pictures while you're handling your snakes (esp. ETBs, ATBs, & GTPs... hehe... wonder why? )...

Just wondering if they're any special kind of glove, and if so, where do you get them? Or are they just your regular old garden glove or something...

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Hi from what I've read people use construction gloves because they're nice and thick and come in handy in case you get tagged cause ETBs, ATBs, & GTPs have really big fangs.
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Gloves are just great for handling snakes, they try and bite you and rip a bunch of their teeth out in the leather instead.

If you have a snake that you think may bite, pick it up properly. Better yet, use a hook. You won't get bitten and you'll save the snake a whole lot of possible problems incurred when pulling it's teeth out. The words "mouth rot" come to mind.
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Im not sure exactly where my company gets them, but at work we use these Yellow gloves made of Kelvar...they are also coated with a kevlar coating that looks like silicone. These are really thin gloves, really breathable, and honestly you dont even notice they are on when you use them. There is two types, i close knit one and open. You would want the closed to protect you from teeth. I think these would be great as you cannot pierce them, trust me, not even razor blades will go through these, ive tried. They are light, feel like a second skin, and the silicone type coating provides really good grip. I will ask at work when im back from vaction about who makes them
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I agree with FlatwoundScotty.
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The reason you see people using gloves to handle those types of snakes is because they tend to be high strung in nature, and arboreals have *huge* teeth and a bite from them is less than desired.

I'm in full agreement with Scotty. If you have an agressive snake on your hands, use a hook. There's been too many times a snake keeper has used work gloves to handle their snake, only to have the snake snag their teeth in the gloves. Gloves are only safe for the person...
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Shane, are these the gloves you are talking about?
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well said scotty
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Yup Edwin..that is one of the ones i was thinking about
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if you have a pair of leather gloves the fangs should not go through.
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