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Social Services vs

Some close friends of mine are having some problems.

These people are foster parents, and amazing individuals.
The social worker, companies,and everyone involved have seen their house. Where the animals are, what they are, where the kids are, etc. They never hid anything, and have often offered extra information.

Recently they've had some issues. A social worker has now decided that the animals are unsafe.
Now my friends are in hot water - the company and government are threatening to take the kids away on the grounds that this couple are doing something horribly wrong. They've been given the excuse that they never showed the animals, that they are dangerous animals, and that they are against the law to own! None of these are true.
The reptiles in question are:
Bearded dragons
collared lizards
leopard geckos
ball pythons
two iguanas
a box turtle
a columbian red tail
crested geckos

All the animals are in a locked bedroom that the kids are not allowed entry to, and the cages are locked themselves!
They are kept very clean and are well looked after. There is always someone home to supervise.

Can anyone offer any help, ideas, or suggestions?
They've been told specifically that the reason this is a problem is simply because they are reptiles, and they aren't comfortable with it. Though they have seen the animals themselves previously...

No laws are being broken. The children are safe. It's a case of prejudice, and people in power and pushing this garbage even though they have nothing but their status to fall back on. Any ideas and information are appreiciated.

I will absolutely not disclose any more information about this. Trust me that these animals are legal in this province, and local laws have been reviewed.
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