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ReneeB 11-18-02 07:49 AM

My New Babies
Hey All.. here are some pics of the new additions to our family..
Our Male White Line Gecko [thanks OttawaChris!]
His honey..

Our new Southern Pinesnakes [thanks to The Reptile Store]

Our new Cornsnakes [thanks to Grant @ PCPC]
Our Anery Female
Snow Male

We also got 3 snake bags and an amazing piece of driftwood from Jay's Sons Snakes, THANKS Christina and Jason!!

All in all a GREAT weekend!

Kathy 11-18-02 12:19 PM


Linds 11-18-02 12:32 PM

Congrats! Those pines are really nice! Did that just come out of my mouth? :eek:

Shane Tesser 11-18-02 12:50 PM

Nice Renee congrats!!! :) 11-18-02 01:00 PM

lmao linds.. great new aquisitions renee :P

TonyL 11-18-02 01:39 PM

Congrats Renee! I have to admit I love those pinesnakes!!!

As for those whitelined geckos..........ummmm......they are kinda cute! LOL

Good luck with your breeding of those snakes!

Christina 11-18-02 06:40 PM

TY TY Renee we are very glad that you had a good day and you and erik were able to get what yous wanted!
Ummm I dont think you went home with any green in your wallet though LMAO.
Have fun with your new ones!!

ReneeB 11-18-02 06:40 PM

thx all.. and yes tony if you want some pine babies next year you can reserve a 1.1 pair.. :P

silke 11-18-02 06:41 PM

wow...nice additions Renee and it was great meeting you
those white lined geckos are great...always wanted a pair

KaHane 11-18-02 06:56 PM

Congrats on your new aditions:)

ReneeB 11-18-02 07:03 PM

and yes Christina we did leave with some green! enough for lunch and gas :D

Clownfishie 11-18-02 11:30 PM

Congrats on the new babies Renee! :) Those white lines are so darn cute!

ReneeB 11-19-02 07:07 AM

Yes they are.. and they make the CUTEST lil barking noise! I can't wait to get babies in the upcoming season!

eyespy 11-19-02 01:44 PM

Waycool additions to your family, ReneeB. I've never seen white line geckos before and they just melted my heart, even before I knew they barked.

That snow has such a gorgeous yellow stripe, I'm sorta jealous! The other snakes are lovely as well. Thanks for sharing those great pics and keep showing off those geckos!! I wanna see more of them.

J.J. 11-19-02 09:20 PM

awesome awesome! :D

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