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Old 11-12-02, 03:56 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Angry My Poor baby!!!!!

Hey everyone! I have to tell you this, on November 3rd of this year, I was walking past my "snake room" when I noticed Cha Cha our boa was twitching. So i ran over there and looked, her head was tilted and she was twitching all over. Knowing me, i paniced and took her out, then i screamed for my mom. I put her on the ground, when all of a suddon, she had a seziure. She was lashing out and her eye were moving all over the place and she had NO control over her nerves. Well I called every vet place and no one was open (it was late), so then I found an emergency place that told me where to call if i wanted to bring her in the next day to a different place. Well, she finally calmed down, and she looked like she was dieing. Well the next day we brought her to a place in Grand Rapids called Woodland Vet. The vet asked us a bunch of questions, then we explained to him that a vet before him had given us some mite medicine that was really for cats and dogs. The meds. was put on her just an hour before she had the sezuire. Immediatley the vet said, that is it, the medicine poisoned her. He said that this Vet Kem product that the other vet gave us wasnt very safe. He said that their office switched to a safer product, than an even safer product the use today! We were so pissed at the vet that gave us this Vet Kem product!!!!! But anyways, my baby is doing ok now, and she is eating ok too. thank goodness! Well, dont ever use vet kem products!
Love ya all!
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Thank goodness. Glad to hear it worked out ok.
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I would have freeaked out too!!! Glad to hear all is OK.

Tom P
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That would have scared the ... well, it would have scared something out of me ... yikes!!
I'm glad she's doing okay J.J. (I like happy endings )
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I am glad your snake is alright.
What was the product that was presecribed by the first vet?
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Old 11-12-02, 08:24 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Thank you all soo much! When all of this was going on I would just stop and pray. She is soo young and to be going through all that is alot of stress on her, but she is strong, and she pulled through.
oh stormyva, the stuff he gave us was Vet Kem flea and tick spray for dogs,cats, kittens, and puppies. I dont have it with me rite now, but if you would really like to know, i will try to remember to bring it to this house tomorrow!
Thanx again yal
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Glad to hear everything worked out. Was the original vet a reptile specialist?
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JJ, glad to hear that everything is all right now. I wish Cha Cha a speedy recovery.

Last year my ball python squeezed his fake tree branch so tight that it splintered into pieces and impaled him. We took him to the vet which looks after our dog; fortunately she was honest and said that she has no experience with reptiles and that we should go to another vet.

A friend of mine took his ball into a vet for help with a bad shed, and the vet accidentally removed the cornea from one eye!

Perhaps we should have a listing of reputable reptile vets here in ssnakess?
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Yikes..that's scary. Be sure to get the medication and tell us more about it so that this doen't happen to anyone's else's snakes. Get your monry back from the first vet.

Glad he doing better now.
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Lisa, he said that he is the only one in the building who sees snakes. He also said that he dosnt get to see them very often! YIKES!
Edwin, omg!! Is your bp ok??? What a stupid vet!!! Geez, he removed the cornea! The vet list sounds like a good idea!
Ok, the stuff the vet gave me was........
Vet Kem *available through vets*
Ovitrol Plus
Flea spray whit PRECOR Insect growth Regulator
For Puppies,kittens,dogs, and cats
Kills fleas and flea eggs Kills lyme disease carrying ticks
also kills ticks, flies, & lice. Keeps flea eggs from hatching for 30 days.
Active Ingredients: (s)-Methoprene [Isopropyl (2E, 4E, 7S)-11-methoxy-3,7,11-trimethyl-2,4-dodecadienoate...... 0.25%
Pyrethrins................. 0.18%
Piperonyl butoxide. Technical..........................0.36%
N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide...................0.60%
Also, this is a 16 oz. Spray Bottle. If your vet ever gives you this Vet Kem product, or any Vet Kem product, that is not a good sign, because Vet Kem isnt the safest thing out there anymore!
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here is a picture of the vet I visited, he is the vet on the far right, his name is Dr. David Durham, he is at Woodland veterinary Clinic in Kentwood Michigan. He was really nice and seemed very educated about reptiles, I would hope so seeing that he does specialize in reptile medicine!
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Hello Jeanette ..

I sympathize with you and beleive me when I say this .. I KNOW WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH...

ALL my snales (about ten at the time) all seizured at the same time because of a wrong prescription given by a vet ... I know what u went trough .. the only difference is mine had several seizures .. up to 12 for one .. they were high on valium and after 3 days of HELL and no sleep waiting for my snakes to either die or seizure .. I lost one of my snakes and a second snake in the month to come .. some still show sighns of mental disoder ..

I am happy everything worked out well but trust me it could of been worst ..

And this was done by a HIGHLY qualified vet in reptilian medicine ..

Moral of the story .. for me anyway - dont trust any vets with reptiles.. lol

Take care Jeanette .. happy everything turned out well

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Old 11-13-02, 04:55 PM   #13 (permalink)
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o my gosh!!!! I am soo sorry!! That sounds like hell!! I know that I was screaming, SHE"S GONNA DIE!! I thought for sure she was, but thank god she is better than ever! She is soo hyper now! Hope your snakies will do ok!
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Hey Jeanette, thatīs quite a story!
Is your boa allright now?

Here in Holland someone had the same experience with a medicine against mites. Her ballpython also got a sort of seizures and almost died.

We all should learn from these events. Always be VERY careful with poison!


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Old 11-13-02, 10:06 PM   #15 (permalink)
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I think that I have posted this link before but it is worth another post. This is the site of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians. They have listing of members in Canada and worldwide.

BTW, It is so great that everything worked out for you!
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