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patricia 04-04-02 03:42 AM

Inbreeding - pros & cons
I thought this would be an interesting topic of discussion, and I posted about it on the "Elaphe guttata guttata" forum. Here it is, 24+ hrs later, and not a single response. I'm surprised. Aren't there any breeders that are concerned about or interested in this topic?

If you are interested, please visit the E.g.g. forum, and post a response. Perhaps I should have posted the starter in this forum, but I didn't. It is a topic that pertains to all species, not just Elaphe.

Jeff_Favelle 04-04-02 10:56 AM

Totally depends...
What level of inbreeding are we talking about? Siblings? Babies back to parents? I think its a must, but there is so much diversity and outbreeding going on, its not really a problem. I don't think so at least.

patricia 04-16-02 09:51 PM

You know, Jeff, I don't consider it so much a problem as I do a strategy. It can result in some truly outstanding progeny if it is done carefully. The discussion that we've had on it in the E. guttata forum has been rather good. I'd like to see a few more participants having some input. There are still points to be covered, but it seems that right now, everyone is more interested in discussing other topics. I'm hoping that the discussion will start up again.

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