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Natural Progression?

Natural progression?
Here's what happened at my house over the years, up to just recently. I'm wondering .... if all the statements are true, then the conclusion (the last one) should be too, right?

I don't really like snakes.....
Snakes don't bother me, just don't want any.....
I kind of like 'em, some are kind of cute.....
Can't get any snakes, the kids don't want 'furry food' eaters.....
When the kids leave home, I might get a small snake.....
Now THAT is a pretty coloured snake, I could learn to like it.....
I could almost get to like that one, but can't do the "pinkie thing".....
Oldest daughter wants a Ball Python?!?!?!?!?!?!?????....
Last year she bought two feeder mice to save their lives, what happened to her???....
We are looking into getting a snake???????....
Scotty and Roy suggest a corn snake to start off, got the Corn Snake Manual.....
Wow... it makes snakes seem almost personable!!....
They sound almost as nice as geckos???? ....
Amazing! The more we read, the nicer they sound.....
A month of reading the manual and snakes don't seem all that bad after all.....
Got an amel motley corn snake, named her Ruby.....
She's so cute, almost like crested geckos.....
Love those eyes, cute tongue ....
She's not my snake, she's Erika's.....
Erika still can't do the "pinkie thing".....
If I can do diapers, I guess I can do pinkies.....
I've been feeding Ruby for 2 weeks now..... that DOES make her MY snake, right?

Am I right in thinking Ruby is mine? o>
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of course it does LOL How do you think i claim my reptiles?
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Nope .. sorry .. the natural answer would be to get another snake .. then you both have one.
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I have found you can never have enough snakes. I was wary of snakes as a child (if i didn't bug them they didn't bite me) so I never really thought about owning one. Kate started with one ball python the summer of 2001, then she moved in with me two monthes later and at her urging we got 2 more snakes before the year was out (It wasn't that I didn't want them, I just wasn't used to BUYING animals). Now just over a year later we have twelve snakes and it's ME saying "Lets buy this snake" or "Can we get this one?" with Kate being the voice of reason saying we can't afford anymore right now (soon I hope)
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lol.. i didnt even know people could own snakes until like i was in grade 8.. :P
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LOL! I just pretend like the snakes are my husbands. I keep the lizards but I'm not a snake person....but honey don't you think you need another female sandboa? I think you should name her Fedaykin.....

That's how snake buying goes in my house!
"I love the smell of Iguanas in the morning!"
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