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Talking anyone know what sort?

hi all. just wondering if anyone knows what type of snake this is. the photo was taken in singapore. the guy who owned the snake was saying it was an american python. it supposedly cost him $80000 US to import into the country. either way it is a beautiful snake and i was proud to have the photo taken. great site guys by the way. happy herping. rodney.
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Looks like an albino Burmese python to me. The market was flooded with them a few years ago. I sold my 7' female for $75. U.S. though they're worth more. I just don't have room.
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I'll second that... looks like an albino burm....
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albino burmese python for sure !
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I'll third that - sure does look like it's an albino burm
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albino berm for sure and he is pullin your chain about the 80 grand man he can get that snake there as a wild caught for about 5 bucks us so if he payed 80 grand have i got a super deal for him man lol hip
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Looks Like an Albino Burm from here, but the lack of any red color makes it look very nice too. Doesn't look like an 80000$ snake.
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Guys it probably didnt cost 80 grand but maybe cost alot in somewhre like singapore with there strict laws etc.. you never know probably need crazy permits to import a large constrictor like that but i could be wrong :P is offline  
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Albino burm.. drool. But they cost about CDN$150 - 200, tops.
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great looking snake!
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Maybe they pay by the pound over there!!!!!! Good eatin' LOL !!
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No doubt an albino burm
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i got one of those but i'm sure she's a burmese python
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wow! nice pic! I dont know about "american snake" hehe but thats an albino burm!
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I saw a retic for 40 bucks in Florida... it was in a petstore and that whole place was so disgusting I could puke


PS - Love the pic! Albino burms are one of my favourites!!
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