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Old 10-18-02, 05:27 PM   #16 (permalink)
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As for the gotta have it! I cant help you there sorry
As for the boyfriend lol we went through that as well but I was the one who hated the things lol
Now I love them they grew on me and it will happen with your bf you need to include him in everything dont say " I want "
Show him pics ask him what he likes the best if he is negative do the what if approach etc. Give it a try and gl to you.
From me Christina
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I'm definitely not going to disagree with you Pixie

Not that I wasn't already addicted to herps when I came to this site -- I was. But being here has only made it worse -- hehe At least BEFORE I came I was only addicted to one kind of herp... and it definitely wasn't snakes. I never would have considered bringing one home...

Now I'm hoping to bring my first one home this weekend at the St.Jacob's show -- and in the process of my research, have come up with at least 3-4 other kinds of snakes that I want to have... hehe...

I need help! Can anyone help me?? Hehe... probably not You're all in just as bad of shape (or worse ) than me *grins*...

Anyhow -- good luck converting the boyfriend... I never did manage to... now that we're not together anymore, I think that I'll be going for a fellow herp lover next time -- just so much easier that way Although perhaps not on the pocketbook! LOL....
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I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that has the so called "gotta have its"!!! It's just so darn hard to deal with everyones nice snake pics sometimes, especially since joining this site. I keep drooling at all the cute snakes and adding more and more to my wish list and planning out these new enclosures so I can have all the snakes my little heart desires (although I don't think that's ever going to happen!). Now that we're looking into a new home, I'm already planning out a snake room!!! Will it ever end??? Am I going to need to get a mansion one day to have all the snake rooms I want? Or hire some help to care for them all??? Okay, I'm starting to go nuts here!!!

The boyfriend is dealing with my passion pretty well for someone who isn't as addicted as I am. He knows and accepts the idea of a room just for my snakes and aside from the discouraging sighs he lets out when I go on and on about the subject, he's real nice about dealing with my snakes and helps me out when I need him to. He's just the type that one would be enough and I'm totally the opposite, I need one of every kind!!! He's slowly coming around and bracing himself to more coming soon. I don't bug him about golf so it's all good!

Thanks for your responses all
Keeper of 5 snakes, leopard geckos, 1 green iguana, 20+ tarantulas, 2 dogs & a bunch of rats!
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Hee hee! This time two years ago I hadn't even considered a reptilian pet... a friend of mine at work said 'you should see this neat little lizard over at the petstore' and I did and bought it (she never told me that she was going to buy it. This started a running joke that whatever she liked I was going to buy :P), but then fell in love with the little guy... (he's a holaspis guentheri) and almost got some beardies... but got a leo instead, and haven't regretted it! Now I'm in the final phase of thegottahaveits... snakes! I'm incureable now! And I LOVE it!!
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Ah yes...herp fever, at first I was deathly afraid of snakes and threatened to kill the ball python we found in the yard. But then she grew on I have her and 2 boas, and Im getting a bearded dragon. Everytime we get an open tank in the house Im thinking about what I can put in it. Me and my mom are trying to convince my dad into converting the garage into a snake room for me. Is anyone elses room like 10 degrees hotter because of the heat lamps? I sleep with a fan on in the dead of
"Its a shame we sell our lives for minimum wage but at least we get free drinks!"
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Old 10-18-02, 08:45 PM   #21 (permalink)
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I'm a very lucky person. I wanted a snake collection all my life (Not too many mind you, 2 maybe 3 hundred or so) but my g/f had nitemares just seeing one on TV. Since we lived together this was a real prob.
I brought home a Pueblan hatchling one day for her to see, and when I finally got her down from the maple tree in the back yard, she had to admit it was cute.
To make a long story short (if thats possible at this point), she now shares the livingroom with anywhere from 20 to 30 snakes, depending on whats going on.
Of course, her Prozac bill is killing me.
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Old 10-18-02, 11:36 PM   #22 (permalink)
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prozac maybe thats what my wife needs to let snakes in the house anyone no a good vet thatle prescribe that hehe
as for the gotta haves yeah this sites getten to me to
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i live right by a tennis court and Oscar finds at least 1 ball per day
i have to bring them in to work for people
Oscar doesn't like to share either but he doesn't sound as bad as Bobby
He freaks out when Charlie takes his ball and he'll chase Charlie around and around until he gets really tired. Then he'll look at me as if to say, "Can't you see that I'm having trouble here?! Will you help me or not?!"
They have such great expressions!
I can't understand how some people can just have 1 Boston
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