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Peoples input please!!.

I may in the future be looking at developing plastic caging for the Canadian market,What would be the needs for most people do you think?
And lets also discuss price range a bit,what are people willing to pay for quality plastic caging?Do you think there is a need for it here in Canada?Any input you have please share if you will.

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Well chris yes there is a market for it right now to figure out appropriate pricing you should look at the adds in Reptiles Magazine and keep in mind that they are US prices.
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i want plastic caging, but i am just not willing to pay 400+ a cage.

If there was a way to make and sell a plastic cage for $200 id buy many, but once it gets into the higher ranges, it just really isn't worth it.

if i was rich, i would have boaphiles. but i dont think there is a large market for expensive caging in canada.
realistically, there aint too many big timers.
So i think something cheaper would go over better with us canadians and would reach a larger market.

I think i remember hearing PCPc used to bring in visions or somethin, but then stopped because it wasn't selling. i think.

any ways thats my 2 cents.
guess im just

Grant van Gameren
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I agree with everything Grant said.

On another note, one of the main reasons I haven't been purchasing anything from the states (asides from price) is the fact that I'm not terribly fond of the materials. I know alot of people think the safe materials thing is a bunch of hooey and would like to see the few of us that are concerned put it where the sun doesn't shine , but I cannot breathe around some materials hence I cannot have those types of caging. I would like to see someone makes cages out of HDPE or at least ABS.
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Yes!! I agree with grant, anything above 200 dollars is too much.
The cages should be stackable with front a acrylic door with a locking device.
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Old 10-18-02, 12:04 AM   #6 (permalink)
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I am not from Canada, but here is what I would do if I were in your position. First look at the web sites of all the cages that are out there. Find the design that looks the best. Find someone close by that might have one. Go see it in person so you can then evaluate it yourself. Then order one for yourself. During this time find a plastic maker. When the cage comes in take it to the plastic maker and have them take it apart to find out what you could produce them for. If the price is right then you have your caging company.
Bryan Self
Quetzalcoatl Reptiles
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Ok I'm no rich guy but yes I do like Boaphile cages... They the the perfect size and work perfect! They are well priced IMO... $199 US is a great price for a quality cage... By the time they get here they cost clost to $400 Canadian but they're still worth the value. Just because the Canadian exchange is less then good doesn't make the quality of the cage you purchase any less...

If it were possible to get a cheaper cage right here in Canada with equal or better quality then by all means buy it but I like to think of things like this.... You get what you pay for.. It is a great idea though Chris best of luck!
Darren Hamill
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Here is my 2 cents.

First 325 CAD (current exchange on 200usd) is what I consider reasonable. I'm sorry but materials and workmanship still cost money. Alot of money. Plus R & D Cost too. If you can not afford that then high quality plastics caging is not for you. Lord knows that its not in my price range right now either.

As far as materials go, we either have to work from pre extruded sheets, or we have to get die sets to do injection molding. Some other materials might lend themselfs to easy working. But unfortunatly the best materials for our snakes might not be financially feasable. Die sets are not an option for the man working from his home. You need alot of cash for that venture, and alot of market.

So all that said. If you live in canada, Be prepared to pay about 325+ for a good plastics cage. Maybe less if they are just peiced acrylic. Barrs cages are cheaper in price, but the construction is not as durable as a boaphile cage is from what I have seen from personal inspection of the barrs cage and what I can see on the net of the boaphile cage. Not that Barrs cages are bad cages at all, I just dont see much stackability from them.

All that said. Hopefully Chris can give us the best of both worlds, affordable cages and safer materials. But I hope that people are not going to be upset if the price is 325 + If just the contruction alone were as good as a boaphile cage I would say that is a most fair cost for a cage of that quality.

Now Personally, my little wish list, I personally like the design of the Vision cages, the built in impressions for the heat fixtures are very desirable for me. I also prefer to use cages with Sliding glass vs cages with doors that open up or down. As far as those who like to access the entire cage at once, I also prefer the sliding glass be easy removedto facilitate easy cleaning. Another thing that I would REALLY like to see, built in heating of some sort, be it flex watt (From what I understand is not legal to use or perhaps its a use at your own risk) or some other built in device. Also rounded corners. I HATE cages that have square corners. Cleaning is always such a pain in the rear with square corners. I'm sure about half of my wish isn't the easiest to do but those were just the things I'm looking for in a cage.

Lots of useless stuff.

Good luck Chris. I hope you can bring an affordable and safe product to the canadian market. Perhaps you may even be able to make it affordable enough and functional enough that the american market could benifit too.
Snakes? I just like to teraform!

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Thank you Linds .. I've been refraining from my usual rants .. I'm a bit tired of getting that "the earth is round" feeling.
Or maybe it would be more like the second hand smoke syndrome.
Committed to creating safe havens for our scaly friends
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personally i like glass caging. it doesn't scratch too easily, is easy to clean and is see through (i like to see my pets).

the only advantages i can see with plastic is it's lightness and it isn't so brittle. you'd have to make them cheaper then what you can get a glass cage for to get me to buy one.
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I would only be interested in plastic caging for arboreal/semi-aquatic species, as plastic is really good at retaining humidity. For other applications, I almost always prefer wood.

Pricing would depend on what features are provided, for example, molded recesses for lighting and heating, stackability (without needing to buy rack supports), rounded edges, etc. How much I would be willing to pay would also depend on its looks.

Hope this helps, and all the best in your business plan.
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Hate to bring up the cost-thing, but I can't fathon buying a cage that costs 10 TIMES more than it would to build myself. Plus, do plastic cages hold heat very well? Probably not as well as a plywood cage. Thus you might get spikes in temperatures, which is not desireable. Just two bad things I could think of. Other than that there is definitely a market for cages Chris. I think it would work for sure!
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