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Old 09-28-04, 06:26 PM   #1 (permalink)
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at work....

I`m just wondering - how many people use this forum at work, of course you'd be doing research for your job because you would never waste company time like that....

I just find this forum something interesting when work gets bored
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Old 09-28-04, 07:49 PM   #2 (permalink)
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You're fired!

I read it from work too. But then I could be here 15 hours in a day, so it's not an issue here when people take some time for their own stuff.
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Location: Saskatchewan
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heheeh - i work in a customer service so i wait for proplr to call in with problems - so sometimes i have to wait awhile.....

and there is a lot of useful office info on here too
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I use it at school every once in a while... don't know if that counts?!
David Liles
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sure it does - i remember getting up to go to school -that was work!!
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Old 09-28-04, 08:14 PM   #6 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun-2004
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Yeh---- My office is in a nice corner with big windows so I can see the trees....

I hop on here and there to pick things up.
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Well, I work from home right yes? Lol

"I'm Somebody's Fetish"
- Goth Quotes
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"Ok, sir. Please go to START, then CONTROL PAN... HOLY CRAP that is a fuggin huge snake!!! Errrr..... then go to NETWORK CONNECTIONS..."

Yes, I surf at work. LOL!
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If i had a job and had access to a computer at work i'd probably be on, but at school if i have the chance i deifinitly take it and i'm on this site in...3 minutes lol...stoopid 56k dial-up modems at school. I spent more time on this site than paying attention during business class.
..Soo...this is life...wasn't what i expected but who am I to complain?
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Old 09-28-04, 11:25 PM   #10 (permalink)
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Location: College Station, Texas
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I work in a computer lab on campus, so when I am not doing homework or helping computer illiterates, I surf. These forums are on my favorites.
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Location: N. Vancouver B.C.
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yeah i usually go on this site at school. dont usually have time. but its my homepage on my laptop:P
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Old 09-29-04, 07:09 AM   #12 (permalink)
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unfortunately i have to admit i spend too much time surfing while at work. i try to limit it to waiting on hold or lunch time, but i just cant help myself.

i am a net addict.
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I ONLY access this forum from work!!! Occassionally, I will if I'm visiting mom, but then I should be visiting mom... I don't feel bad... maybe if I got a raise I could afford my own internet!! =)
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Gotta love how people can justify going online at work! I am one of them myself... I hate my boss (the manager and higher ups in my actual office are great... its the company owner that I cant stand!) so that's my justification, although its still ethically stealing.

Anywho, I also check ssnakess MANY times a day. It's probably my favorite place to go on the net... what a great site!
a.k.a. jjnnbns

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