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Question I need your knowledge

Hi everyone,
I recently bought a doberman pinscher puppy and I am really receiving alot of negetivity about how nasty and aggressive they are. All of the research that I have done via the internet and stats from around the world has indicated that they are just the opposite. Can anyone tell me what is really the facts about this breed of dog and what is just myth? I really need some personal experience on this one. Please help me. Thanks everyone
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With good breeding Dobes can be one of the most loyal stable dogs you will ever own. Bad breeding....... you could end up with a dog that is either way shy and nervous (fear biter) or very aggressive.
They need to be socialized a lot, take your pup lots of different places and introduce him to different types of people, don't worry about him not being protective because a good Dobe knows when to jump into action. They are really good at reading your body language and can sense when you are uncomfortable around someone. My Dobe liked everyone, but no matter how many times my ex came to visit my daughter, my Dobe wouldn't let him touch him and would stand between us. LOL! I guess he could sense how I felt about him! Best of luck with your new pup and if you have any more questions feel free to PM me.
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It all depends on how you raise this puppy. Yes, they do have a tendency to be aggressive but only if you raise him/her that way. Make sure your pup gets LOTS of love and attention. Go to puppy classes where you get your pup socialized with other puppies. VERY important.

I was at a dog park yesterday with my dog and saw two doberman's. Both full grown and with two different owners. I spoke to each and they both said that their dogs were extremely friendly and acted pretty much like babies all the time (meaning they like very much to be pampered)......both of them were wonderful dogs.

good luck!
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the only bad thing i ever heard and ive heard it from ALOT of different people is that a dobermans brain just barely fit in its skull...and that when..and if... it ever swells it will drive the doberman insane.I dont know if this is an old wives tail or not, my parents used to breed dobermans and great pyrennees and weve never had a problem that i can recolect...good luck
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I think that goes for most brains, yes?
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I am a firm believer that no matter what a dog breed your dealing with the results of how that specific dog turns out depend on its upbringing, some dog breeds may have been created for specific tasks and too be the best suited for a specific job, but like anything it is the dogs surrounding and upbringing that determine how it will behave.

Good luck with the new dog

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I agree with what lostwithin just said.
You have to teach the dog to trust you right once you get him. Any dog can become nasty/aggressive, but if you bring them up right, they're usually fine. I would suggest investing a bit of time and money into an obedience school.

Hope everything works out,
David Liles
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Congrats on the new puppy Dobes are one of my favorite breed My pup, Raven, was a dobe/pitt mix. Have worked with many dobes, and each has a different personality and temperment.

Have fun!

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Thank your lucky stars you didn't end up with a pitti...
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I can honestly say I wouldn't own one. I may be biased but I'm basing my opinions on few I've met. I've never met a nice or smart one.
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A Doberman was the first dog I ever had.

That part about the brain growing too much for their skull is an urban legend.

They rank as one of the smartest dogs. We were afraid that ours would become mean, so we socialized the hell out of it. In fact, we did too much to ensure it wouldn't turn out mean - and it was the suckiest dog in town, not at all a tough dog, not whatsoever.

Talking to other people who keep Dobermans, this seems to be the general rule. Most are pushovers, and very sucky - but socialization seems to be important with the breed.

I'd put them on my list of top 5 dog breeds to own.

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I never met a doberman that I didn't like. They are usually very well behaved. They do tend to be one person dogs, but I think most dogs tend to be like that to a degree. Our dogs are defenitly a bunch of mumma's boys, I'm always second to Leah,lol
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They are protection dogs to the max. Even the akc describes them as acting instantly on danger, or whatever they perceive to be. Everyone I know that has them, has them as guard dogs for that reason, be it at home or at a shop. The ones in public were well-socialized, and great big sucks - but you couldn't be around after dark or anything like that. Someone I know had to get a pair of theirs put down because it accidentally slipped past his mother-in-law and ran in to the neighbour's yard and killed his dogs, and nobody could go in the house without him there. I think they are a lot like rottweilers - while socialization is extremely important, so is good breeding. If an animal has bad blood, despite how you raise it, there will still be problems. The last thing you want is a large, unpredictable animal.
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