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Old 09-27-04, 06:15 PM   #16 (permalink)
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The sticker method was tried at a TARAS show a few years ago and worked well for the most part. The problem is that thieves aren't carrying animals out in containers, they're stuffed in pockets or packs and you'd need police intervention to search personal belongings etc.

With herp thefts at shows becoming so popular, I believe the lockdown display is the only real option. It may not be attractive, but you simply can't trust everyone.

I'm hoping the little maggots are caught and turned over and identified. Maybe if we introduce them to bats they will lose their affinity for stealing other people's reptiles...Preferably an aluminum specie of bat!

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If I ever catch anyone stealing (or attempting to) anything from any vendor at any show I can guarrantee you they will be dealt with swiftly & severely. IF the police were to be involved I would have them prosecuted to the full extent of the law. These punks need a lesson from the "School of Hard Knocks" one way or another. I have ZERO respect for thieves. Mark
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Sounds like you need a couple of bouncers on the job Greg.lolI think I can recomend a few.
I sure hope the little torts are found would be a shame for them to perish because of some stupid kids.

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As with every show it seems that something always gets stolen . The sticker method was tried before but when it started getting busy there wasn't enough people to act as security to check all animals. Another thing that was done in the past and I am not sure it was imposed at this show was to place board members in every corner and in each island so there was more being seen by the taras board. I think that when it comes to high priced items , theft proof displays would be the only answer . Its sad when you have to lock animals and it seems that toirtoises are a major target. An ornate box turtle was stolen out of a petstore lately and in the past other petstores had sulcatta's stolen. Its too bad that these little pinheads put such a marr on an otherwise great show.
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Old 09-27-04, 11:06 PM   #20 (permalink)
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Thanks all for your support, and thank you to Greg, Lowell, and others that tried to help us scour the area for these buggers but to no avail. Thanks to the Petland employee (sorry name escapes me at this time) that acted so quickly and phoned her head office and send out an alert, and the idiots ended up at her store to buy the lights I recommended. Unfortunately, by the time we were able to get to the store, the kids were released as there was nothing to hold them on at the time, and are now probably dumped or in others hands. I just hope that someone somewhere hears of something. I have offered a reward for their returns, so if anyone hears or sees anything, please contact Greg at TARAS or myself personally. I do not blame anyone but myself for their being taken, and I think that TARAS did a great job at the show. Thanks for the great time otherwise.
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Blah, that sucks Beth. Hope they're eventually returned to you.

I'll happily volunteer to be a 'bouncer' at any upcoming alberta shows. at 6'2" and 250lbs I think i'll manage OK

Concept: Ever wonder what those big stands are by the doors everytime you enter or leave pretty much any store these days? they're scanning you to make sure you didn't steal anything every time you enter or leave.

Now to play devil's advocate a bit... I know it's a pain but in almost every instance i've heard of a herp being stolen from a show they are easily preventable crimes of opportunity. Considering the value of some of these species i'd keep them under lock and key personally. Yes it's a pain in the rear to construct and lock/unlock a display case whenever you want to interact with them but it would have stopped almost all instances of theft that i've heard of in the last year or so.
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A warning for any little thieves who might think to try something at a future show around the country.

Some of us are checking out more than the tables. And we're not worried about legal niceties like asking you to stop.

If I see you stealing from one of the hard working people at a show, the only warning you'll get is your legs going out from under you before you hit the pavement.

I've chased muggers and car thieves and if you think you're getting away with someone's babies, you'd better have eyes in the back of your head.

We're watching.

Hope the little scumbags see the error of their ways and return the tortoises. They're extremely cute.
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As Lowell pointed out stickers or receipts really can't help stop theives from wallking out with an animal under their coat. Plus it takes extra volenteers which are already harder to get than womas nowdays.

We even had paid security on hand to boot. I know hind sight is 20/20 and of little help or comfort to Beth, but to any and all vendors at any up coming shows which you may be attending, if you see someone grab an animal first yell at the top of your lungs THEIF!!!!!! you will immediately have the attention of any and all other vendors to help.

Beth I hope there is a happy ending to this story for you.

Gary D.
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Thank you Gary, and to everyone else. Surely makes you loathe the human race at this time.
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Old 09-28-04, 11:24 AM   #25 (permalink)
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If you were selling valuable jewelry, you can bet it'd be under lock and key. If you have a deli-cup worth $750, why would it be sitting on the edge of a table like bargain books at the mall? I wouldn't leave my wallet sitting there for even a minute, and my wallet is generally worth a lot less than most herps at these shows. I dont mean to excuse this's reprehensible and I hope thay are nailed for it, but theft is a fact of life businesses have to deal with. If it's low-priced items, you eat the loss and move on. If it's valuable items, you take extra pre-cautions. It sucks that we have to worry about this kind of thing, but we do.

I wonder why with so many witnesses they cant charge these punks anyway.
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Old 09-28-04, 12:12 PM   #26 (permalink)
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I'm sorry to hear about the loss and I hope they are returned safely.

On the subject of checking all animals for recepits, i don't know how well that would work. I know myself personally have bought and sold many animals at the shows privatly from other parties (not vendors).
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Beth, sorry to hear of your loss. To all the bigger breeders out there. Why don't you just bring along a couple of people/volunteers to keep an eye on the table or have about 10-20 people roaming the show for everyone. Im sure there is alot of people on this board who would gladly help and it'd also let breeders get to personally know and share knowledge with potential customers. While increasing security. It's a win/win situation!
Jon Dona

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I agree with Gary - yell "THIEF" at the top of your lungs and basically anyone who appears to be getting out in a hurry will probably be tackled and held for questioning by any breeder in the vacinity.

I also agree with Cruciform - had I witnessed this taking place, the only warning would be my elbow right in the back of their neck. I think thieves are among the LOWEST forms of slime on this planet. I only hope that when they find these jackasses, they find them with the tortoises in good health.
- Ken LePage
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That is terrible I hope you get them bakc and soon!
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So sorry to hear about the loss Beth. I was at the show, and can't believe that anyone would have the nerve to steal something so precious. I agree that some sort of security measures need to be implemented, as there are some very valuable species at these shows. Ideally, we could hold shows such as the TARAS one, and trust that no one will pull anything like those two "punks", but sadly, society is hardly ideal. The sticker method that was mentioned above, sounds like the best idea to me. It doesn't require a lot of hassle on the part of the vendor, or the buyer. Perhaps a few more people at the door would be necessary, but this is hardly a nuisance when you look at what was, and has been lost in the past.

I hope the tortoises are found, and that those who stole them are punished appropriately. Best wishes Beth.
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