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some ppl are just starved for attention it seems with the second story.
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Sad Stories =(
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You know what, I hate those kinda things. I also saw this 1 story that had a bottle with a "bonsai Kitten" in it, they put the newborn kitten in the bottle when it can still fit in the opening, and feed it with a little bottle thing, and remove its waste witha little hose, and it is fed special vitamins so its bones grow soft and can shape to the bottle. the poor cat can never even move! I hate those kind of people, I know this is mean, but someone should beat them over the head with a iron rod with spikes on the end, and electricity running through the spikes, and the spikes should be red hot, and covered with fire ants... oh well, that will never happen to those mean people...

-Dan Conner
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I'd love to stick those kinds of people in a bottle myself and see how they like it in there. It amazes me to see and hear of cruelty of those levels, what the hell are these people thinking???
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These people are bored and stupid .. and live in this wonderful society of ours that says the entire earth is here to do with as we please.
Okay .. no ranting .. if I get started on this one, I wont shut up for a week. >(
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Snake man

hahaha thats so funny about both of the storys. im going to go to that guys house some day and steal the stuffed animal! hahahah
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I don't know if some of you are serious...but just to clear some stuff up...the snake story is total crap, NOTHING can stay alive while submerged in alcohol, much less an air-breathing animal like a snake, not only would it die from being kept in alcohol (there's a reason alcohol is used to preserve dead specimens and as an anteseptic, it even kills bacterial life), it would drown too...and after a year the snake would have been LONG dead, trust me. Secondly, that Bonsai-kitty website is not real, it is a gag website...end of story...just don't believe everything you read, guys...
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