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Talking Pied Cat x Het Pied Cat breeding.

As you can see she is obviously gravid and should lay soon. She is a 2001 animal from one of the best bloodlines. The offspring should be breathtaking, we are taking pre-orders now.

Take Care.

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Heh heh...
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lol shes cute! im not much of a cat person but if i was id want one like that.
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Is that a midget cat?
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LOL... Nice Calico.
- Ken LePage
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Lol, very cute cat.
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Hah, great post. Great picture.
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OMG!! You not trying to sell these in the general forum are you!?! OMG your in trouble!! LOL!! J/K!!

She looks like a real sweetie!

Good luck with the little kitties!!
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*LOL* She's cute cat. Good luck with the future little ones.
Erin Keller :eb:
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Gotta love calicos!! But calicos aren't exactly pied b/c only females can be calicos.

-Katt using Vanan's account.
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Well actually males can be calico- but they aren't TRUE males.

It is possible, although very rare, for a calico cat with a male body to be born- what happens, is that the cat can actually get three sex genes: XXY. Which gives them the colouring of a female cat, and the body of the male. I don't think they can breed though... have to look it up. Read about it a long time ago... kind of interesting.

Either way, Katt (on Vanans account) is still right. There is a difference between calico and pied. I just thought I'd share the genetic male calico thing, because it's interesting ^_^
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Friend of mine breeds Turkish calicos and got a male cali, it was real sickly and died in about three days tho. prob. b/c of the unstable genetics and all.
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Yes, male calicos do happen but it is very rare, and if they do happen to live, they are sterile anyways. This is probably because if you bred two calicos you would end up with genetic disorders. I have heard of this in some breeds of dogs. Like pomeranians. If you end up with a blue merle thats great and if you want to breed a blue merle to say a creme that great too but if you breed two blue merles together then your looking for trouble. You end up with sterile, unhealthy puppies.
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