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A redtail boa from Justin's critters, and she's absolutely gorgeous.When I figure out where the heck the digital cam went I'll post some pics.

And my gf isn't afraid of her which is a bonus.
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anyone get a pic of this male that we've heard so much about? Who was the breeder?
a.k.a. jjnnbns

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Just Leopards and Beardies???

Just Leopards and Beardies???

I am a little disappointed to see that so many people are saying there were only leopards and beardies. On our table alone we had seven different species, and Neil was in from Nova Scotia with an amazing assortment of captive bred Uroplatus gems. With our table consisting of mainly Leopard geckos few if anyone actually took the time to stop and take a look at the display! The few people that did point out the knob tail gecko and Namibian sand gecko were quite happy to see that these species are represented here in Canada and are being bred. I must say that the number of species we took the time to look at today was amazing! There were several species of chameleons, carpet pythons, green tree pythons, emerald tree boas, amazing collections of ball pythons that were once only found in the US, and uromastyx. If all I got time to stop and see was Neilís table with the captive bred U. fimbratius I would have considered the day well spent! But on top of that we got to meet and chat with many old friends and make some new ones. I would like to thank everyone that stopped by to say hello and we canít wait until November!

Matt and Susan
High Quality Reptiles
Matt and Susan
High Quality Reptiles
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unfortunately the only thing i picked up were some med. rats. Great show tho! The ringed pythons looked great and i was just dying to get a pair of those tri color hogs! Can't wait till the next one.
..Soo...this is life...wasn't what i expected but who am I to complain?
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Originally posted by Cruciform
A redtail boa from Justin's critters, and she's absolutely gorgeous.When I figure out where the heck the digital cam went I'll post some pics.

And my gf isn't afraid of her which is a bonus.
That was Jessy's critters :P

And at last check, you said she was evil..... the pretty boa I mean..... but your girlfriend is going to start frisking you for snakes when you come home!!!

I was at the show to get a bunch of stuff, but didn't find what I needed (supplies mostly)..... oh well, next show!

The friend I brought was THRILLED with her leo from Penny, it was nice to see the excitment from people at their first show......

Oh, and tonya, I really do exsist..... I swear I'm not just in Justin's head..... he he he


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I picked up my baby false waters, which Dave hatched out, big thanks to Dave, the babies are awesome
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Actually in that PM I said YOU were evil for posting a pic of her the night before the show

She's such a little beauty though. She went swimming as soon as I put her in her new home, then stretched out in a paper towel tube

I'd been looking forward to getting one of Neil's leaf geckos since the spring, but it will have to wait until I have the proper vivarium setups. When the time comes to order some I'll post so that others in the SW Ontario area can get in on it. I have no problem spending a day driving from town to town dropping off critters fresh off the plane

Ooooh, there were FWCs there? I would have liked to have seen them. Post some pics, cantil
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I also finally got my female ball python from the dude to the left of the guy selling t-shirts and the jungle carpet guys underneath the stage thing i can't rememeber his name but i just loved the ball so much i bought her then picked up sum pinkie rats and was on my way

Does anyoine know who he was he had a few more balls one he said was actual really mean
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I was thinking about getting a pair of something....and I sure did end up with a whole bunch of Childrens pythons... 1.3 adults to be exact. First time having them and I must say they are the coolest python I think I have ever owned!
1 ackie.... thats it these days
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where are the pix every one cant wait anny longer lol
Paul & Fiona
BigHill Reptiles
The more people i meet the more reasons i like my snakes
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Wow, CamHanna, so you're the one who's got the Macklotts!!! Pretty nice snakes!!! I have to say i was pretty interested too! In fact, i reserved one of the two baby ETBs that were at the show, hehe! I put a deposit on it, to JD-Terrariums, so he holds it back and give it a few more feeds ( it had only eaten once ). My boss bought a little male Tangerine Milksnake from Sebastien and a few terrariums. I was actually pretty glad to see what was at the show... particularely appreaciated the woma, the piebalds balls, Stav's Super Salmon boa and the little ETBs, hehe!

1.1 BCI, 0.1.1 ETB, 0.1 Dumeril's Boa, 0.0.1 Savannah Monitor, 1.0 Diamond x JCP, 0.0.5 Lithobius Forficatus, tons of Rats, Dog and Cat.
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I got 1.1 Ghost Motley Corns from ma good buddy Simon! But I think the two hilights for me were Markus Jayne's and the HQ table gotta love those Mojave and Orange stripes even if they are outta my price range!
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Wasn't able to pick up anything but a great book on the herps of western sahara! But I saw those CUTIE-PIE tri-colour hognoses, and a GORGEOUS hogg island boa, which I REALLY wanted. Unfortunately, I've run out of space for now, so I can't have any new little ones till I've re-done some caging...
Oh well, it was still a great time, and I saw lots of fantastic critters and nice people!
I have to say, I do agree that there were tons of beardies. They are very cool lizards, but it just seems like there are more available (in general, not just at the show) than there is demand for them. Just my thought.

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I got some CACTI! Wooooo....

But yea, I wanted one of those ringed pythons... The colour on them!

It was actually a really good show, lots of stuff to see. And I'm still jealous of Melly winning that painting.

Everytime that I look at myself I can't believe how awesome I am.
...The first rule of journalism is: Don't talk about journalism... or was that Fight Club?
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I traded my eastern box turtle for two nice leos and then I bought a young AFT as well as a mature female AFT 66% het for amelanistic. Here are some pics I just took...

A super hypo female...

A nice juvenile male to pair up with the above female when he's ready....

the baby aft...

the adult female aft....

The Gecko Garden

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