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Found a budgie need advice!

My boyfeiends little sister found a budgie in the park. I have never owned a bird b4 and from what i know these guys are tropical can anyone give me any advice or send me to a good place to get some info. It just got home and is in a screened inclosure for the moment.

thanks in advance
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what do you need to know food parakeet seed and freash green daily no head lettuce as it has no nutrition in it freach wayyer and 12 hrs day light and 12 hrs quitet darkness light cover on cage to help keep him or her calm at knight .hope this helps if you need more info please feel free to contact me at
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I'd advise checking local pet stores for missing animal posters as well. There may be another child out there with a broken heart.

It seems that the London area has a real problem with Cockatiels going AWOL, as there's easily have a dozen postings of them at the pet store I went to last week. Weird
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And don't forget the gravel they need to eat too.
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Budgies don't really need any special care from any other bird. Just supply fresh water and food and you've got yourself a pet bird! I would see if it will eat the bird pellets as opposed to bird seed though. Most commercial bird pellets are fortified and nutritionally complete and the birds seem to do better on them.Also WAYYYYY less messy than seed!! Just keep it from any drafts at night and keep it in a quiet area until it gets used to you!!

Good Luck!!
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lol well what all else do ya need to know? my mom has over 50 birds an right now all 4 pairs of our parakeets are on eggs.
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lol maybe u guys can tell brandy just the basic needs and care? lol ya and check if anyone has lost a budgie hehe

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Well from what i can tell his sister is gonna keep her i told her mom to check for lost birds, they were gonna put it in this tiny little cage i feel bad soo ill prolly be donated one of my cages. he/she seems very active drank water and when we gave it food seemed to be very hungery. thanks for all your info it helps alot untill i can do some real research. My only issue is the 3 cats that live here and i tryed to stress the importance of that bird being in a cat free room soo. Im acually gonna try to convince them to find it a better home or find original home, oh well ill know more in the morning bah wait show is in the morning ok ill know more tomorow nite. gravel is this a urgent thing should i be worried about providing this pronto? sorry lol im felling totally nubish lol. im gonna look this all up when i get the chance iv just been very busy and im moving this monday soo god i have no time lol.

thanks again


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The gravel or grit is not really needed and can actually cause some problems. I raised a lot of budgies and cockatiels and never used grit or gravel. The only birds that need grit are chickens and doves and such that eat seeds and grain whole, and they don't need it all the time. Good luck with the little guy.
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