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How about an afrock?
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Originally posted by Samba
Personally, I think a nice tortoise would fit into this situation. Many people who dislike reptiles in general often are open to turtles and tortoises. Tortoises also eat primarily vegetation, and easily cared for. A tortoise can become a lifelong friend if cared for properly.
I would definitely have to disagree with that one. While they are soooooo cute and just a joy to keep, they are animals with an incredible lifespan, easily outliving their owners with the proper care. The choice to own one should be a carefully made decision by the person who will be caring for it for the rest of their life - and to make that decision one must be mature and have an idea what they intend to do with their life, and that a tortoise fits in to that.
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maybe if you talked to the dad about getting her a snake or somthing like that and offered to help them out if they needed anything and gave them your number.Told him all of the good things about them and about their care.I presonally would recommend a corn snake for her i had one when i was 5!
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Linds, I was about this young girl's age when I got my first turtle, a RES (I know they aren't good beginners, but I learned a lot from her). I still have my Bo, and she's probably at least 13 + years or so old.

A lifelong companion was listed as a pro on my post. I believe the poster said this girl is very mature for her age, and capable of maintaining the pet. While I personally believe that an animal should never be given as a gift, if this girl wants a reptile most of her choices are going to be relatively long-lived; (Unless she gets an anole... or something along that nature). I was just trying to come up with a compromise - a reptile that's a little more acceptable.
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