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Herps that like cooler temps.....

Can you guys toss out some ideas of different herps that require cooler than norm hot side temps? I know Crested Geckos like it cooler than most other geckos, and I have heard Brazilian Rainbow Boas also like cooler than "normal" hot side temps....

Any others (snakes/geckos) that aren't hard to find? The reason I ask is I have a nice custom enclosure a roomate threw together for me, but it's diffcult (but not impossible) to heat it efficently, but I am sure I can find something that would enjoy my herp room daily temp as a sole heat source....(ROUGHLY a 68-82 span during a day/night) The cage is approx 2 by 2 by 3 or so.

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Hey most arboreal species tolerate lower temps because of there arboreal nature. But other then my white tree frog and cresties I cant think of anything specific.

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Rubber boa, some skinks. ETBs can't be too hot that's true but they can't be too cold either or RI sets in pretty fast in some. GTP's like it around 88 so rule them out. ATBs are pretty hardy though.
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Any of the Rhacodactylus geckos would work, though only one of the smaller leachianus in that size enclosure. A pair of Gehyra vorax (Halmahera Island Giant Banana Gecko) would work in that size with those temps too.
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many species of amphian do fine at those temps
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gargoyles are easy to find and the care is the same as cresteds. just make sure that they r all around the same size if u get more than 1 or they might fight.
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Mountain Kings. Pyros, some Mexicana.
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What size is your enclosure? I assume since it's custom that it's fairly large. If you keep a monitor in it, you'd just need a halogen flood light to provide all the warmth. I personally think every herper should have a monitor for garbage disposal purposes :P
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You could try Mountain Racers, or Mandarins Ratsnakes, or some other mountain colubrids...

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Black Milksnakes would be perfect...
California Kingsnakes.
Honduran Milksnakes.
Black Milksnakes.
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Also Pictus Geckos! (also known as ocelot, big-headed and panther geckos)

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I would suggest Uroplatus Phantasticus, but temps ABOVE 75 can actually kill them.
- Ken LePage
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Beauty snakes can be kept at room temps. You have your choice of blues and Taiwans.
The Herp Room

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