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genetics question

im going to use albino ball pythons as my snake for this say i have a 100% het for albino female bp and an albino bp if i breed these 2 together would my chances be gretter or lesser for conceiving an albinobp than if i used 2 100%hets in the breeding instead of one het and an albino?
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100% hets means they are hets for sure. no iffs ands or buts. breeding a het to a homozygous will result in 50% hets, and 50% albinos.

het and het gives you 25% albinos, 50% hets, and 25% normals. so out of your normal looking animals each one wil be 33% possible hets
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This is where Punnet Squares come into play... You need to figure out all the possible alleles (forms of the gene, in this case albino or norm) that each parent could pass to the offspring then add the alleles from each parent to determine the offspring.

Each snake recieves one allele of the same gene from each parent.

An albino snake can have only albino alleles because the albino allele is always hidden by the normal allele when both are present. So a heterozygous albino snake would look normal despite having the albino allele.

Most people use upper / lower case letters to represent the different alleles of the same gene. 'A' will represent the dominant allele (Normal) and 'a' will represent the recessive allele (Albino)

Het x Albino breeding
'Aa' x 'aa' breeding
Possible gametes from 'Aa' are 'A' and 'a'.
Possible gametes from 'aa' are 'a' and 'a'.


Offspring are 50% Albino (aa) and 50% Heterozygous albino (Aa)

Het x Het breeding
'Aa' x 'Aa' breeding
Possible gametes from 'Aa' are 'A' and 'a'.
Possible gametes from 'Aa' are 'A' and 'a'.


Offspring are 25% Albino (aa), 50% Heterozygous albino (Aa) and 25% Normal (AA)

Hope that helped.
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Your chances would be TWICE as good. If you can go albino X het, do it.
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