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Correction to my post. The one labelled as Centruroides gracilis was not from Arachnophiliacs but from Pazuzu Reptiles. Also, a few experts have brought it to my attention that it's a C. margaritatus not a C. gracilis.
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Nice photos, scorpions......ewwwwww, I shake when I see scorpions and spiders, yet hold 7 foot constrictors go figure, lol.


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LOL, I find the inverts fascinating but would never hold them. I have an automatic squish reaction when bugs touch me!! My kids also like to look at bugs but when they are done looking it is squishing time as far as they are concerned wich I am trying to stop since I'm not a fan of simply killing bugs who are doing no harm going about their business.
Nita Hamilton
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Well this is what followed me home from the red deer show...the hogg is from Niagara Reptiles and she is awsome to say the least. Also I picked up a pair of Anery Hondurans while I was down there...they are different but very cool

Female hogg

Female Anery Hondo

Male Anery Hondo
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Old 09-01-04, 08:56 PM   #20 (permalink)
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Nice hondos!!! Are those from Darwin's Oasis??
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Old 09-01-04, 10:35 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Yup....picked them up from them last minute. Now with the albinos from Jeff F I can look forward to a snow project...should be interesting
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Cool looking scorps Vanan! I know I saw them in person, but, thos pics of them are AWESOME!

I myself made like a bandit at the show. I'll post pics as soon as I can. I got a female Motley Amel Corn, a female Children's Python, and a female Grey Banded King Snake from Mark Isbell. From Katt, I got a trio of Bibron Geckos. And, from Tyrone Smith, I got a beautiful female BCI. Thanks guys!
Erin Keller :eb:
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Restrained myself a lot - was so much available - it was very tempting

Corns from Mark Isbell
perfect snow motley female corn

anery striped girl

very nice light hypo male (het amel and anery) - will go great with my ghosts and coral snows

got these a few weeks before - but they are from Mark too - so they sort of count - 1.3 amel striped corns

and the hondos
from Classic - High Water Herps (many thanks to Jim - jwsporty for getting her to me) the most beautiful tangerine honduran I have ever seen - she is so much better in person than her pics!

lastly - arrived a few days before the show from Jeff Favelle
albino hondo girl who is already settled right in and feeding great

A great show in Red Deer as always
mary v.
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Good scores you guys! I like the equal mixes of boas AND colubrids!! Nice to see!
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I am with BOAS N PYTHONS on this one. I never understand why most people have such an aversion to snakes..... until I see the scorpions in the pet store or on here. My face contorts into a sneer without even thinking about it. Maybe it was the area I grew up in, (west Texas), where I had to deal with them all the time. The tarantulas don't really bother me, I am not an arachnophobe. But scorpions..... I wish I could have gone to the Red Deer show so I could have given the scorpions a Red Wing show (the brand of my boots).
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