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Red Deer Show pics

Here ya go peeps.

The day before the madness. Photo evidence of Mo "working".

It begins. A constant flow of people right up til the end of the day.

A corner of SCALES Zoo's display sans Elvira's fans.

Arctic Circle Herp Supply.

Corey Woods.

Insectopia aka "The Butterfly Hunter"

Otis, the rehabbed Great Horned Owl displayed by Medicine River Wildlife.

Now on to the animals.

Animal #1 "Dr. Mo"

Animal #2, Mark Isbell

A Candid Crannie aka Tim Cranwill

Like the display containers Tim!

Kuminoto Reptiles.

A very disturbed Gino aka Dragons and Balls.

Gino and Larea were very unpleasant ()and denied me the privilege of showing of their cool shirts. In the background is Larea, being coy.

More animal pics.

Animal #? Invictus

The beautiful, RedDragon (Erin), smiling in her sleep, satisfied. Told you guys the show rocked!

On to what a show's all about. DELI CUPS!!

Niagara Reptiles.

Beautiful Freckled monitors. Sadly, the only monitors at the show.

Dan Uromevic aka "Friday Night Entertainment"

jwsporty aka Jim of Capital Colubrids. A hit with the kids.

Capital Colubrids.

Some of Darwin's Oasis's beautiful Pituophis. A Blizzard and Albino Sonoran gophers.

vanderkm aka Mary. Was a pleasure talking colubrids with you. Keep up the good work!

Poecilotheria metallica displayed by Arachnophiliacs. Thanks for "The Plague" guys!



Darwin's Oasis.

Darwin's Oasis.

Richard Welter's Amazon Basin.

One of Richard's amazing "Amazons"

And last but not least, the one snake I'm dying to give my right arm for. A ghost Sonoran Gopher.
The Herp Room

"The day I tried to live, I wallowed in the blood and mud with all the other pigs" - C. Cornell
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Please Email Boots
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Wow, Awesome pictures! I didn't see Mo work as hard in real life as in that picture, where he is moving, slowly.

I'll make my measly post soon

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Awesome pics bro! Thanks!
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Great pics guys... EXCEPT for the sneaky one of ME!!! LOL

I'll get my pics up soon. I looked at them last night and I should have taken a LOT more.
Cranwill's Captive Bred Snakes
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Wow sweet stuff can't wait to see the rest of the pics.
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AH yes, it's been a long time, much too long since i've attended a show. Being a family guy has really tapped me out time and money wise, but things are changing and you guys are gonna be seeing a lot of me in the next couple of years. The last show that I had a table was in Calgary a few years back when Mo was a customer and just getting into things and now he's everywhere LOL! Anyways great pics, post more people! please!

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Very nice photos, its always great to see people take photos at these shows to get a good feeling on its response to the community. Also the exhibits were really nice and selection looked good too. Got to match faces to names so that is always cool. And see there was a nice selection of reptiles there as well.


I would get into milks and kings just to get your show display bins, lol.


Never met him before but I hear lots of good now I see face to name so that' s cool


Cool cool, no one can sleep at a reptile show - was Goliath at the show?


When I saw that photo I thought I was at the show, Corey we are clones, lol. You might be taller hard to say.


Good to finally see a face to the name


Ahh yeah I remember them at the past shows I went too in Alberta, always a great display in colors.


Nice display, but where are you in the photo, lol.

All the photos were great, always love show photos.


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I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, I didn't want to fill my memory card up too early.

Took these pictures Friday night

Jon Kendrick came to the room to see the 2 snakes we had

Then went to their room to see their animals.

I took lots of pictures of Coreys balls back in their motel room.

I'd never gotten to see a pied without glass blocking my view before.

I'm not a ball python person, but these snakes Corey had were very pretty, some of the nicest looking snakes I'd ever seen.

Saturday Morning, Walter found himself showing off how he can hold our Anaconda without getting bit (same snake strikes at me through a pillowcase for some reason).

Here you see him reaching for a mini hook to tame the beast.

Sunday at the end of show, a few invited vendors came to do the retic group shot. I hope someone else posts better pictures of this, I am unhappy with my shots with flash under the metal halide lighting. Had to lighten them a bit, and they got grainy.

Mo, Tim, Colin, Katt, Laura, can't remember his name, Kyle, not remembering name, One Armed Dan, and Mark - oh, and Pandora

Ken and Erin joined in

Mo, in his anemic, lack of burger dizzy state - had trouble controling the tame Pandoras head

I know there were lots of people taking pictures of the show, I'd love to see them posted here.

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Very nice photos indeed as well. The group shots are nice as well you get a great python in the shot and a few names all in 1 shot that is the best.


Damn those are gorgeous ball pythons, my all time favorite is the Pied, if I saw it at the show I be haggling you for hours trying to buy it, good thing the 16 plus hour drive was a factor, lol. Or VISA would want to know about the


The 1st photos are from your hotel room with the kitchen?
Pretty nice if they are.


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This show absolutely rocked. For Erin and I, it was our first show as a vendor, which made it extra cool for us. I've never had more fun at a show. Holding Pandora was a great close to the show too. I swear, even the 1 foot section I was holding must have weighed 20 lbs.

Thanks Walter!!! Next year's show is just going to get better!
- Ken LePage
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Well done everyone - the pics are the very best - just like being there!!
Next year we will be there, without a doubt!!
David and Andrea.
The higher the fewer!
There's nowhere to go but up!
(Old Smith family mottos)
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Here are my pictures. Forgot to take any of the whol show or some of the people, but I am sure I will make up for that at the Calgary show.

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Gorgeous photos, I love show photos and seeing the people but the animals take the list. Love seeing new animals and what people have at these shows.



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Even though I was there, the pics are awesome guys!!!

An exhausting three days, but well worth it! Can't wait for next year, or heck Calgary if we can make it! Then there's Edmonton! Whoa! Alberta's got a lot of shows!
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I had a great time out there and put a few faces to familiar names.

Cudos to Walter for setting up a great event!


PS - geez Ryan, do ya think you could have found a more goofy picture of me? hahaha.........I'll give that Diamond a good home if she's looking
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