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Hmm... not so tough, eh?

My 16 pound rough, tough, fighting, evil, cat is TERRIFIED of me and my mothers newly acquired (got them yesterday at the Red Deer show) snakes. Even my moms 6 week old corn snakes. It's really quite funny, last night he sat peering under the door of the room they're in, and today when we opened the door he was sitting about 3 feet from it. I gave him a little push, and he jumped, hissed, and then fled from the room with his tail between his legs. Now he's making big circles to avoid that particular door ^_^ Better than wanting to kill them... he's nearly as bad with snakes as he is with the vacuum cleaner...
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Animals can really be sensitive to a persons energy. New smells and sounds can also affect them.
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One of my cats flips out when the vacumm goes off, she runs into the basement and hides out until its done. Funny little guys
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Be nice if he stayed that way! Nothing mixes worse than cats and snakes, and kitties just seem to love snakes, almost like they see tham as an automated piece of string to play with

LOL... my cat is absolutely terrified of most kinds of candy. He does not want any part of it, it's rather amusing My kitty is a little strangoid though. He's mixed up all over the place
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Found out something by accident. Sure the cat I live with is terrified of the vacuum, but those "canned air/ electronics dusters" do just the same. So now instead of using a squirt gun and getting water all over the place, I just use a quick spray of the air and she runs for cover.
Good day,

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I used to have a cat that was deathly afraid of pumpkins.. come halloween, she'd sit by the backwindow and hiss and growl at it.

if you put her near one, she'd tear you apart trying to get away.

also had a dog once that was afraid of bicycle helmets.. it would freak out and start barking and whimpering then run away.. go figure.

Just be thankful that its afraid of the snakes.

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When I was a kid my neighbors dog was terrified of rabbits, this included her owners bunny slippers!! LOL, she was a golden retriever and huge but she came into our yard one day and saw the bunnies in their cage and I never saw a dog back pedal like that in my life, she high tailed it home wimpering!! LOL, animals sure can be strange.
Nita Hamilton
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It is kinda good to have cats in the house with herps.....

My house gecko escaped for over 6 months and we couldn't catch her. Then finnaly I heard my cat making a very strange cry, so I went to check it out and she had my gecko in her mouth, I told her to drop the gecko and she did, YES we finnaly caught the gecko, the downside was there was a small hole in the gecko from the cat.

That wasn't the only time that same gecko was caught by a cat.....the other time the gecko let go of his tail and it worked!

Our cats are scared of cars.......well you have to be when my moms
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Another funny thing, once we took our cat into the vets place, and this guy with a big old dog was like "turn your carrier away, my dog is afraid of cats" We looked at the dog, and sure enough, it was just whimpering away.

There's a story behind that one though, the guy told us that when his dog was a tiny puppy it had been born on a farm, and a cat mistook it for a gopher (or something) and mulled it nearly to death. Dog with a complex! (and who says animals can't remember)
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