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New Classified Rules

Mods, Everyone else:

Just read the new rules about the classifieds, thanks for the post Linds. I have a question though.... what happens if someone posts an ad on the 29th of the month? They only get 2 days, then they have to post again?

A suggestion I have is to delete ads daily or weekly... and manually delete anything that is a month old. So on the 7th of september, manually delete anything older than the 7th of August. That can save some people the hassle of having to re-type their ad.

Just a suggestion, feel free to call me names and throw stuff at me.
- Ken LePage
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*throws monkey poo*

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Damn monkeys. :P
- Ken LePage
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If you post animals at the end of the month, you can re-post them at the beginning of the next month, once the old add is wiped.

A lot of people might post at the beginning of the month, so you could wait till it slows, like post on the 7th day of each month. Its like a chess game.

There will only be a few pages of classifieds come the end of the month, so people will be able to see all the current classifieds.

The daily or weekly thing would be quite of hard to deal with for the mods, but in reality it would be ideal.

The monthly clearance thing was something I pushed for while I was a mod, and I'm glad to see it becoming implemented now.

Implementation for the nation!

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Why arent you a mod now?
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So if I post on the 30th, it will be deleted on the first? Isn't that kind of silly? Would it not be more functional to delete posts after they are a month old?
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I think the ads should be deleted bi-weekly. The mods might not have to do it manually. There might be an option for deleting posts automatically if they were post for a certain period of time. But then again, there might not be one.
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If we were to delete adds when they were a month old we would be deleting adds every day. That woud mean going through and checking the date on adds every day, no thanks.
Yes if you post on the 31 its gone the next day. So now that you know that you can do one of two things. Save you add as a word file and copy in again on the 1st or, don't post adds at the end of the month. The membership now knows how it is going to do so they can make an informed desicion on when to post.
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I know of more than one occasion when I reposted an add after a couple weeks duration and this resulted in generating sales. I feel that allowing only one post for a specific animal per month is a little restrictive. But perhaps if people are not allowed to post every other day, then maybe our adds won't hit the bottom of the list so fast... Hmmm.. i might have just answered my own question..

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I think that once a month is a little over kill but who am I ?every two weeks sounds more reasonable to me ,as of the end of the month there is going to be a traffic Jam on here trying to post your new add ,Paul
Paul & Fiona
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I think it is a great idea. I have posted many ads just to have them buried within a day.
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That should trim the fat down.

Does vBulletin allow plugins? It may be possible that there's already one which would allow you to set expiration dates on threads within a given forum, so it would clean out posts automatically after a given time.

/me goes looking.


Weird. They have the manual pruning option, but even with requests from users on their forum there doesn't seem to be any automated expiration system.

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Why don't we just see how it goes fro a couple months before we dismiss the idea?
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Tim always has to be the voice of reason...

Guys, the idea of a bi-weekly dump is being passed around to the mods right now.. So, don't rule it out..
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Originally posted by Matt_K
a bi-weekly dump is being passed around to the mods right now..
That's gotta stink
Brent Strande

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