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Originally posted by jjnnbns
That's gotta stink
LMFAO, maybe I SHOULD start reading my posts twice before I submit them..
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LMAO. That could possibly be the funniest thing I read on ssnakess.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the server run on Linux? And since that's the case, couldn't you just setup a script on crontab to automatically check posts on a daily basis and delete them if they're a month old? I can't say I know much about vbulletin, but if it uses an actual database like MySQL running a command to delete posts more than a month old should be trivial. Even if it uses its own internal database system, a PERL script could parse the entries and do it with just a few lines of code.
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I know of more than one occasion when I reposted an add after a couple weeks duration and this resulted in generating sales.
Then you were breaking the You're not suposed to post the same animal more than once a month now already so why is this a big deal. We are not say that people have to post less often because like the rules say now you can only post an animal for sale once a month now. All we are saying is at the end of the month everything will be deleted. This way we can keep track of who is posting the same animal more than once a month. Remember is you change your price or sell some or all of the animals you have posted you can reply to your add to make those changes. Anything else has to be done through the edit function. If you reply to your add to do anything other than change price or say that some or all animals are sold you add gets taken down and you get a warning. If you post the same animal more than once your adds are taken down and you get a warning. No where else on the net is there free classifieds that are so lieniant. Some sites make you pay and are more restricted than ours. Break the rules there and you lose your money and right to post. Here all you get is a warning. It really doesn't get much better than this.
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Originally posted by jjnnbns
That's gotta stink
LMAO!!!!! I actually laughed out loud for 2 mins!!!! Haha.

Lol, you guys(mods) keep mentioning that we are not allowed to reply to our own posts but the last few times I have tried to reply to my own posts(for allowed reasons) I couldnt, so maybe you guys can but we cant and you have forgotten that?

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This is just something we are trying out for now, if it doesn't work out well then it will be altered accordingly.

As Cruciform mentioned, we have to manually delete all threads. The idea was passed around of deleting them after the 30 day mark, but as Trevor and Ryan mentioned, this would involve us having to do this every day.

We haven't forgotten. A while ago Jeff set it that way on a trial basis and it just hasn't been changed back (yet).
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