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Old 10-12-02, 09:05 PM   #31 (permalink)
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I'm 21 and I live with my parents, there's no shame in that...I just wish my parents would let me have a snake room...I have to cram all my cages in my teeny tiny bedroom.
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MARK YOUR NOT SERIOUS????????? all of those rubbermaids are in your bedroom???? is offline  
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Talking Gene Simmons ain't got nuthin on me baby

Sean McDonnell
"It's not what your snakes can do for you, It's what you can do for your snakes"
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I'd call it a facility.. it facilitates his needs in breeding and caring for the snakes. dont need a seperate building for that.
The Morelia Complex
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Old 10-16-02, 08:01 PM   #35 (permalink)
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great pics i wish i had a digital camera too
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Old 10-16-02, 09:49 PM   #36 (permalink)
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Oh, I thought you were talking about this kind of raspberries (note female's lip stains)

<img src=" d=41&courtesy=1">
The Zombie Mama is here!
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<img width="512" height="384" src=",0,0,1,1,512,384,FFFFFF">
Hard to see, but her tongue IS out... (don't have many good snake raspberry pics yet)

<img width="512" height="384" src=",0,0,1,1,512,384,FFFFFF">
Dragonbait the crested gecko

And my favorite...
<img width="386" height="198" src=",0,0,1,1,386,198,FFFFFF">
My cat Dizzy

various cornsnakes, 0.1 black pine snake, 1.0 uromastyx geyri, etc.

"The only thing worse than a human who had no respect for other animals was a human who assumed all other animals thought and felt just like he did." --Julia Ecklar, "ReGenesis"
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heh heh
gotta love the kitty shot
what a cutie!
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Here's a few

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Great Pictures! I so need a digital Camera...soon hopefully...I have a hard time saving money so Ill add digital camera to my list hehe.
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