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Old 08-24-04, 04:52 PM   #16 (permalink)
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I'm allergic to both! That's why herps are so great, they are hypo-allergenic. But if I had to choose I would have to say dogs. Dogs are loyal, they provide security (not the small yappy ones) and they like it when you give them attention, cats on the other hand have to be one of the most stuck up animals they could care less about you (not all but most of the ones I have met).
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Thanks Matt. I can't understand it either. It breaks my heart to see older dogs discarded to the Humane Society or worse yet put down because they can no longer afford to take care of their dogs. Do X years of love and loyalty mean nothing? It makes me sick. BUT their stupid, mistake of turns out to be our win, Kayla's a great dog, despite her health concerns, and we love her already. Look...see.... I'm already doting.
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I am definitely a dog person. My wife and I have 2 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. They are the most loyal animals I have ever seen. They totally appreciate every minute we spend with them, and all they really care about is being in the same room as us.

Cats on the other....well I think that they would make a good meal for a burm or retic....just kidding....please don't get upset with me I'm just kidding around. I grew up with cats and loved them to, but definitely not the same as dogs.
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Both, dogs and cats.

I've got a 14 year old Bichon, got him when he was 3 months old. The breeder was going to euthanise him because he wasn't show quality (he has an overbite). He's just a pet not a breeder, but the most loving and obedient dog you could want. Also a 10 year old Miniature Pinscher we got 2 years ago from a family whose son developed allergies. Then there's Salem, the Cat From Hades. Her mom was a stray who had a litter in someone's garage. Racoons killed the other kittens when they were 5 weeks old and fatally injured the mom, so we got Salem, the sole survivor. She feels she needs to defend herself from everything, not at all cuddly. But she's well behaved otherwise, and after 3 years of patience, she's finally asking to be petted once in a while. I think she might soon start to trust us.
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Wow, it's awesome to hear from everyone

For the most part, all of my dogs have been rescues. As well as my cats, all three of mine were bottle-fed Bailey is the youngest, at 4 months; she came to us at 1 week of age, as her mother had been killed But she is doing awesome, and is the cuddliest kitten I have ever had

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I love both!!! I have two kitties, an eight year old siamese I adopted last fall, Sasha, and a 2 and a half year old siamese X, Ninja. I've had dogs all my life and last december I helped my mom and her Jack maggie give birth to five beautiful babies. I kept one but had to get rid of him two months ago because I had to move and could not find a place to keep him. Ah, still a little emotional over that loss! He was an amazing Dog!
Here are there pics


and Thor
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I love all of the pictures especially Aarons....

pups are so fun!
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Mykee thats SOOO cool!

About two years ago we did almost the same thing! My female Jack Russell seemed to want some company so I called a private local shelter and asked to come see a few available Jack's they had.

We ended up seeing this ADORABLE extremely old male Jack Russell with no teeth, blind in one eye, one leg almost unmovable, and around 15 years old. His owners just abandoned him because he got old and his needs took to much of their time.

Needless to say he lived here in comfort for a full year. He was an AMAZING dog aside from his disabilities and age problems. When his qaulity of life went down, and I noticed he was no longer able to live a life, we put him to sleep!

Everyone should think about adopting an older dog! Puppies are great but I for one will go with an older dog again one day when we are ready for another!

Tug....resting on only his "good" back leg as always, and winking :P
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The beast that we still have....she is a monster but also my favorite dog ever.
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I'm a dog person at heart. I like cats, and even have a couple. But deep down, I can't live without my dog. She's the love of my life, next to my husband and children. I LOVE dogs. There's no better species.
'He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.'-Author Unknown
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I love both but I would pick a dog over a cat in a second.
Actually I'm more of a dog person than herp person.
I have an austrailian cattle dog x springer spaniel(Frieda) thats 14 and an 8 year old chocolate lab(Toby). I picked Frieda out of her litter when I was 8, but she had already been picked by someone. Then luckily the person backed out and I ended up with her. Shes adorable and growing up would have been real boring with out her.
I think we are getting either another chocolate or black lab next spring.

I could talk about dogs all day and night but I'll stop boring you all.

Oh yeah I've got an 8 year tortoiseshell cat(Clover aka Chloe) as well. Shes cool... but shes still a cat.
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We are defintely cat people... Here are a couple a pics of the bengals that we will be bringing home in a couple weeks. We are so excited!

This is Morelia or "Slow-Mo"... She had a run in with a computer monitor and has been having some issues with a concussion and a bit of vision loss. So we were able to get her sister as well so that there would always be someone nearby...

Here is her sister Naja....

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i like cats alot better than dogs

i just moved out of my parents house that was full of cats and only one dog, now i live with my grandparents where we have 2 dogs and no cats.

sadly i will never be able to own any cats because my bf is VERY alergic to them. we'll just get ferrets instead (which i think i like better even though i'v never had them)
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Cat person all the way.

Had a dog a few months ago, but after she killed my cave dwelling ratsnake and then on to try and kill my doves, and eat snake sheds, bracelets and snake food, that dog was gone gone gone.

The other mutts we had pissed all over the carpet, whopeee. Shed all over, caused a great amount of allergies, wrecked things, got in the way, lowered the quality of our life to the point we no longer enjoyed coming home. They were gone gone gone!

Not to say I won't own a dog again, but a small one, that doesn't cause a huge mess and wreck things!

We have three cats. They stay out of our way. Although, they all beg for attention, most hours of the day, they're out of hair. They're as loyal as any dog and will come when called, even when eating.

Dogs you don't even have to try to earn their love, it's already programmed in them to love you whether an a-hole or an angel, but a cat, you gotta earn b/c they don't put up with crap!
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Seeing older cats in the shelter bothers me a lot. After rasing my cat out of his kitten years I swore I would never get a kitten again. Older cats are different. They are affectionate, easier to handle, and don't get into mischief. My cat is 17 now but from birth until he was about 10 he was a pain (but I still loved him). He didn't like being around and ran every time I tried to go near him. Now, I just have to be within a foot of him before he begins purring. He actively seeks me out (when he's not sleeping 23 hours a day).

I believe that if cats weren't a regular pet (and instead considered "exotics") many proclaimed "cat-haters" would probably like cats because they are "cool"; beautiful, graceful, efficient killers, soft, mean, and whatever else people like about cool exotics. Okay, maybe persians aren't that cool looking ...
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I LOVE DOGS way more I have bad luck with cats..My cat Lucky is a total *****. She attacks my legs all the time....She never wants to cuddle with me

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