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can u help me ?

i just got my 2nd bp(female)about 2 mths old. my question is can i keep my new pet in the same enclosure with my older bp.(male-7mths old). would it be safe for both snakes?
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that would be no, because theres a chance that one can eat each other, i could be wrong cause im not a snake guy just wait until someone confirms my answer

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It is the general concencus not to, but I do.
There is a risk that they can harm eachother. Mine are just little guys, so I keep them in a big tank, but they will be seperated as they get bigger. Also, I feed them seperatly.
But everyone else on this site will tell you not to, and they are right for several reasons. Sickness, parasites etc.
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So long as both snakes are the same size the chances of one eating the other is pretty slim. (so long as you separate them for feeding . With that said I would suggest housing them separately. Balls are picky they may not respond well too being moved before and after every meal. Plus housing them together may cause stress. and lastly if one gets sick the other will as well . Thatís double the vet bills.


Edit: on a side note, although I would never do it, Before I purchased my female ball she was housed with 2 males balls and a pair of corn snakes for 3 years. They had a large enclosure so space was not an issue and they were separated for feeding, apparently the previous owner had absolutely no problems.
no problems.

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In my opinion, which I'm basing on things I've read and things that I know large breeders do, I feel that snakes should never be housed together. Here are some points that I keep in mind and reasons why I do not house snakes together.
1. The presence of another animal in their space represents competition, competition leads to stress.
2. Stress leads to loss of appetite and or disease.
3. If one sick gets sick they can both get sick.
4. How do you know who is defecating and who is not?
5. Snakes are not social animals so although captivity its self is not natural forcing two animals to live together is even more unnatural.
Now keeping two different species together can open up a whole new can of worms. Different species can be more susceptible to different diseases. Also they can differ in heat and humidity requirements.
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